Business Assessment & Review

Business assessment tools for sales and marketing plan assessment, business plan assessment, and business review.

Business Assessment and Business Planning

Conduct your own business review with these comprehensive Business Assessment and planning tools.

Performance in a business depends three levels of optimisation. Organisation enablement, people management, and selling abilities. Optimising company plans, procedures, and resources enables staff to achieve their full potential.

Is your organisation sales enabled? Are policies, procedures, and plans helping or hindering performance?

Without an outside perspective, a business might carry on striving for ever and never identify the change that will create a breakthrough. A formal Business Assessment reveals hidden potential and opportunities.

An external consultant might provide the necessary perspective and business planning skills, yet it seems an expensive way to do something that owners should be able to do themselves.

This collection of eight business plan assessment tools provide the missing vision. Each element offers a new perspective, prompts new ideas, reveals potential solutions, and renews enthusiasm for progress. Using these tools ensures that business planning accounts for all important elements, eventualities, and contingencies.

We are offering two collection configurations for a monthly or one time fee. Options 1 & 2 include just the three business assessments. Options 3 & 4 include all of the elements.

Element Description

Sales Plan

Use this tool to assess the quality of a plan. Identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities to improve methods, habits, and practices. Use it to improve existing intentions or as a template for new plan.

Data is presented in a radar chart offering easy appreciation and feedback on robustness, alignment, and capabilities. Use the information to make improvements, initiate action, or develop ideas.

Marketing Plan

Assess the quality of existing marketing plans or assess the effectiveness of current marketing activities and discover easy opportunities for improvement. Establish an ideal to work towards, or stimulate thinking prior to preparing a new plan.

Get an instant single glance indication of a plan's quality. See the the compliance or otherwise of established activities. Use the information to make improvements, initiate action, or develop ideas.

Sales and Marketing Plan Alignment

The alignment tool turns a spotlight on the harmony and integrity between the respective departments. The business buying process used by people to find and evaluate solutions is changing rapidly. More and more people are turning to online tools and information to address issues and solve problems. Now more than ever, the two functions must work together to influence the new decision making process of digitally literate customers. The single glance feedback provides an instant appreciation of the opportunities to increase cooperation between these two departments.

Customer Skills Assessment and Validation

Assessing customer skills helps managers identify opportunities to improve the customer experience and raise customer satisfaction levels. Training needs analysis, development, appraisals, and candidate selection are additional uses.

Sales Knowledge Assessment and Validation

Do customer facing staff answer customer questions in a satisfactory manor? What do they say? This assessment aids structured enquiry into company, product, customer and market knowledge. It can be used for training needs analysis, development, appraisals, and candidate selection.

Sales Skills Assessment and Validation

Selling ability is notoriously difficult to judge. Assessing and measuring competence provides a empirical means of validating judgement. This assessment can be used for training needs analysis, development, and candidate selection.

Use our business assessment tools to conduct a sales and marketing business review and gain a consultant's perspective for a fraction of the price. If you need to increase business performance we can help. Telephone +44 (0)1392 851500. We will be pleased to learn about your needs and talk through some options. Alternatively, send email to for a prompt reply.