Sales Skills Self Assessment, Grading, & Validation Options

Sales skills assessment, grading and validation options provide a sales aptitude test, sales talent assessment, training needs analysis, or career development aid.

Sales Skills Assessment

Rate sales skills against thirty statements and eleven aspects of sales competence.

Substantiate self assessment by answering corresponding sales skills substantiation questions.

Identify strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and vulnerabilities.

Use the feedback to guide training, plan study, and drive development.

Accompanied by a 16 page Development Recommendations Report full of 'no cost' and 'low cost' learning and development options. Enhance and leverage strengths and eliminate or account for weaknesses. Improve habits and practices to increase productivity, predictability, and results.

Note: This assessment is currently available as a Sales Club membership benefit. Join here free of charge.

Optional responses grading or comprehensive coach review are available with the assessment.

Aspects of the Assessment:

  • Door Opener
  • Expert
  • Mentalist
  • Communicator
  • Qualifier
  • Problem Solver
  • Persuader
  • Advocate
  • Deal Maker
  • Organiser

Applications Include:

  • Skills Assessment
  • Staff Appraisals
  • Development Guidance
  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Interview Preparation
  • Recruitment Selection
  • Career Development

Grading includes:

  • Online Self-Assessment
  • Substantiation Prompts
  • Represented Self Assessment Results
  • Grading Report
  • Grading Certificate
  • Discount Voucher

Validation includes the above plus:

  • Ninety Minute Structured Interview
  • Detailed Coach Generated Feedback Report
  • Validation Certificate

If you are looking for a sales skills assessment to use as a sales aptitude test or to reveal sales talents, conduct training needs analysis, or motivate learning, our online assessments and sales tests offer flexible and reliable solutions. For more information, telephone +44 (0)1392 851500. We will be pleased to learn about your needs and talk through some options. Send email to for a prompt reply or use the contact form here.