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Sales training videos published on this site or embedded from other sources for sales coaching, self led learning, sales kills development.

These days everyone is a video star. TV didn't kill radio, and radio never killed the newspapers so I doubt that free video sales training will put sales trainers out of work. Browse the video nuggets below.

But First, some awesome inspiration from Will Smith. Anyone can reach the pinnacle of their chosen career. Stay with it to the end . . .

Selling at C-Level

If you want to sell at C-Level, you should watch this this video. It presents the findings of the world wide IBM C-Suite study.

What Selling is About

Clive Miller, SalesSense founder sharing some ideas on professional selling and a sales person's purpose.

Start with the Why?

Have you been selling the wrong way around? Watch this presentation by Simon Sinek and make up your own mind.

How to Succeed in Selling

Clive Miller explains the the Sales Success Formula and how anyone can use it to develop a powerful sales process for any worthwhile product, service, or solution.

The information is free. The effort of action and investment in the necessary forethought, planning, and preparation eludes almost everyone.

Find More Sales Leads

Clive Miller and Bryan McCrae discussing unusual ways to find leads and new business opportunities. You can have Clive present on this topic in a free sales training seminar.

Five Ways to Develop Your Team

Do you help staff develop the right skills and abilities? Does your manager know how to help you learn what you need to succeed? This short tutorial by Ed Muzio maps out the issues.

Do the Powerful People Want you to Win?

Build a Professional Sales Career course excerpt delivered by Clive Miller addressing the 'Can We Win' qualification question: "Are the important people for or against us winning?"

How to Interact Strategically

In this video, Edward sets out an excellent model for preparing to persuade. Use it to prepare for sales meetings and conversations. More from Edward here.

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