Accelerate Sales via Partners

B2B Sales Channel Management Training for Dealer, Reseller, Distributor, and Alliance Account Managers

Distributor Management - Channel Management - Business Alliance Management

Specialist Sales training for improving sales channel motivation, efficiency, and results.

Maintain or renew sales career momentum through training by doing. Participants take on work place assignments in one to one or group briefing sessions and reconvene to review results, adjust their approach, and take on their next assignment. Training can be spread over several months, condensed into longer intensive sessions, or delivered over two consecutive days.

Key Takeaways

  • Choose the right partners
  • Gain easy access to partner principals
  • Win partner loyalty
  • Increase Partners revenues

Participant Comments

I enjoyed this training very much. It provided me with practical tools to improve my working behaviour and team and management skills as well as providing the opportunity to step back and refocus on my priorities.

A good insight into business relationships from many angles I haven't experienced - excellent!

Some really good exercises that can be used in my environment. Have a much greater understanding of certain issues now.

Single and multi session courses include:

  • Pre Course Questionnaire
  • Pre Work Preparation Guide
  • Up to 12 hrs of Classroom or Coaching Time
  • Personalised Real World Assignments
  • Programme materials
  • Online resources
  • Career long support

Materials and resources

  • Preparation Guides
  • Framework Agenda
  • Self Study Guide
  • Accelerated Learning Guide
  • Course Slide-decks
  • Parthian Shot - Story
  • Partner Qualification Assessment
  • Partner Qualification Visual Assessment
  • Shared Goal Template
  • SWOT Template
  • Boston Chart Template
  • Partner Plan Template
  • Persuasive Questions Guide
  • The Power to Speak - e-book

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