Telephone Sales Skills Self Assessment

Comprehensive and reliable online telesales skills and telemarketing skills self assessment test.

Telesales Skills Assessment

Rate customer telephone sales skills against forty one statements and twelve aspects of telesales competence.

Use the assessment to identify strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and vulnerabilities.

Enhance and leverage strengths and eliminate or account for weaknesses. Improve telesales habits and practices to increase customer satisfaction, repeat business, and overall performance.

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Aspects Assessed:

  • Expert
  • Mentalist
  • Enquirer
  • Organiser
  • Persuader
  • Door Opener
  • Qualifier
  • Performer
  • Advocate
  • Deal Maker
  • Networker
  • Investigator

Applications Include:

  • Telesales Skills Assessment
  • Development Guidance
  • Coaching Guidance
  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Career Development

Purchase includes:

  • Assessment Questionnaire
  • Represented Results
  • Telephone Opening Examples
  • Tactics for Dealing with Voicemail
  • Objection (Fob Off) Turn Around Examples
  • Collected Objection Turn Around Solutions
  • Unlimited Single Person Use

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