Bespoke Sales Simulations

Sales development training through sales simulation exercises that reflect real sales situations.

Sales Development Training

Unlike role-plays, sales simulations involve participants in playing themselves in realistic scenarios.

Sales people rarely include simulation in their preparation for customer encounters.

Have us create realistic sales simulation exercises for key account engagements or sales development training.

This service includes all preparation, facilitation, and debriefing for a one to three hour simulation exercises for up to 75 people.

Sales Simulation Benefits

  • Salespeople test themselves and reveal vulnerabilities in a safe environment. Discovery of weaknesses prompts action to address them.
  • Practise develops strengths and leads to improved execution in the field. Simulations increase overall competence and confidence.
  • Learning is more certain and reliable in simulations as opposed to classroom training and coaching.
  • Managers can observe performance and take any necessary corrective action before mistakes are made in the field.

Simulation Design

Based on study of public material and collaboration with nominated staff, we propose a sales simulation outline. Once approved, we identify the participants and prepare all the briefing documents.

For this service, managers and non sales staff are asked to play customer roles that are designed to reflect participant experience. This minimises role preparation for non sales participants and negates . Logistics for the event are worked out in parallel.

Simulation Facilitation

Facilitation is conducted by the SalesSense coach who created the simulation. He or she directs or conducts all preparation, pre briefing, event briefing, and the debrief. During the event the coach monitors progress and guides where needed.

Simulation Debriefing

Conducting a debriefing immediately after a simulation is a vital part of the learning experience. People are normally eager to speak about their experience and observations. It is important to ensure that everyone gets a chance to express their thoughts and, at the same time review their learning.

Collective debriefing, where everyone involved listens to everyone’s input, is the most productive approach. The coach facilitates this process.

If you would like to discuss a sales simulation for a key customer engagement or sales development training using simulations, telephone +44 (0)1392 851500. We will be pleased to discuss your needs and talk through some options. Send email to for a prompt reply or use the contact form here.