Business Development Strategy Training

Business development strategy training course for design and management of business growth plans and development initiatives.

Business Development Strategy Training

Effort expended without forethought, planning, and preparation is largely wasted. Business development strategy training provides participants with the best known methods, practices, and tools for finding new business and starting a sales conversation.

Taking the time to develop an effective business development strategy before commencing activity, increases the liklihood of discovering the right opportunities at the right time while considerably reducing time spent chasing suspects and possibilities.

If you need to set business development strategy, find new customers, engage business decision makers, or lead marketing initiatives, Business Development Management training provides a foundation built on the most successful efforts of others. Learn the fast way by attending this course.

Key Takeaways

  • A measure of market opportunity
  • Compelling, persuasive expression of value
  • How to get absolute proof of effect
  • How to find open doors
  • New ways to grab and retain prospect attention
  • A method for anticipating and eliminating obstacles
  • A guiding framework ensuring consistency
  • Sales strategy and tactics for your market
  • Sales & marketing alignment principles

Programme includes:

  • Pre Course Questionnaire
  • Pre Work Guide
  • Up to 10 Hours of Coaching or Classroom Time
  • Personalised Assignments
  • In-course materials
  • Online resources
  • Career long support

Materials and resources:

  • Preparation Exercises
  • Classroom Agenda
  • Self Study Guide
  • Accelerated Learning Guide
  • Course Slide Decks
  • Go To Market Plan
  • Top Customer Questions Guide
  • Prospect Profiling Tools
  • Approach Campaign Planner
  • Objection Handling Guide
  • Sales Plan Assessment (90 day access)
  • Marketing Plan Assessment (90 day access)
  • Sales & Marketing Plan Alignment (90 day access)

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