Sales Plans that Bannish Failure

Use this service to create a new sales plan that everyone can succeed with.

Organisations can use the Sales Success Formula as a framework to create their own failure proof sales plan and continually tune it to their own needs, yet creating a plan with the essential elements uses up a lot of hours. A perfect sales plan takes weeks of effort usually spread over many months. Few undertake such projects and fewer complete them yet the benefits are significant (see below).

Instead, have us complete the work in a few weeks.

We can shortcut the process because we have created sales plans for others and already have numerous templates and examples to work from.

Sales Plan

Every sales environment is unique. Even if a company is offering the same products as it’s rivals it has a unique persona and appeal as does each individual in the company.

No standard sales formula can fit all sales environments. The Sales Success Formula is a framework or scaffold for creating any number of unique Sales Plans.

What we will do to create your Sales Plan

  • Top Six - Primarily through study of your materials, we will construct a reference set of top answers to the questions that every bona fide buyer has in mind when considering a significant purchase. We will test them amongst selected staff and improve them until everyone is satisfied with the results.
  • Proof of Value - Using a similar method, we will check your value statements, verify their validity and strengthen their expression. Where we identify opportunities, we will create additional new value statements.
  • Ideal Customers - By characterising best customers, we will determine externally observable criteria for high probability prospects and create sample lists with executive names and contact details.
  • Approach Methods - Based on what we learn from creating parts 1, 2, and 3 combined with our previous experience, we will devise a collection of approach methods including the underpinning headlines, letters, emails, telephone scripts, and voice mail messages.
  • Objection Handling - Through interviews with sales staff we will identify common objections and obstacles in the sales process. Then using our unique objection handling framework, we will create a specific turn around methods for each difficulty.
  • Sales Process - We will integrate all we have learnt about your organisation in a sales process framework to guide use of best practice.
  • Know-How Transfer - On acceptance of the new sales plan and all of it's dependencies outlined above, we will provide up to 6 hours of training or coaching on execution of the new sales plan.

Benefits of having us create your Sales Plan

Sales Plan
  • Get Results Faster - You have a day job. Even if you have as much experience as we do in creating new sales plans, unless you can take a couple of weeks off, it will take a lot longer to create a plan of similar quality, extending the time it will take for the new plan to deliver results.
  • Save More Time - We have spent nearly two decades developing and improving the templates, examples, and methods that we use. Why reinvent the wheel. Use the time to do what you do best.
  • Guaranteed Results - We know that applying the principles embodied in the Sales Success Formula leads to increased sales performance, hence our guarantee. If you execute the plan and it doesn't produce the promised results, we will return the fees.
  • If you need to increase sales success rates or improve sales performance, make a new sales plan. This service will get results in less than half the time it will take if you do it yourself. If you prefer to speak first or want to place an order in person, telephone +44 (0)1392 851500. We will be pleased to help. Alternatively Send email to for a prompt reply or use the contact form here.