Top Salespeople Interviewed

Top Salesperson Interview - John Bycroft

John is a veteran top sales performer.

Transitioning from Cobalt programming, he sold Olivetti branch automation solutions to banks and building societies in the UK.

He was so successful that Olivetti had him set up a global sales team to help worldwide subsidiaries achieve similar results. This initiative culminated in a $360m deal with Rabo Bank in Holland.

After several business building adventures, John has returned to his roots selling software to banks as VP Sales for comforte AG.

In this interview, I asked John to reveal the secrets of his sales success.

Learn the success secrets of top salespeople from these one-to-one interviews.

There are many sales professionals who succeed well enough to satisfy their employers and a few who consistently outperform the pack.

What are the skills that set them apart?

What do they know that others don't?

How do they consistently sell more than most others in similar roles?

In a series of interviews, I will ask these questions and more to reveal the keys to exceptional sales success, known and practiced by a few.

Top salespeople change the world, one sale at a time.

Watch these interviews and learn the secrets that can be used to achieve similar results.

Do you know salespeople who have exceeded their sales target for at least three years in succession and who are currently in a full-time sales role?

If you know people, who fit these criteria, I'd like to interview them.

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