Sales Motivation Assessment

Sales motivation at work rests more on intrinsic motivators than compensation. This sales motivation assessment offers a way to identify leading and lagging intrinsic motivation factors.

Sales Motivators Assessment

When salespeople have the right skills and enjoy their role, they enjoy more success. Don't leave role selection or assignment to chance. Use this assessment to learn about intrinsic motivators and get people in the right jobs.

Identify leading and lagging motivators from amongst eleven intrinsic sales motivation factors. Check self perception by evaluating each motivating factor against the other ten.

Use the accompanying suitability analysis report to aid selection or assignment allocation. Choose sales roles that will be most motivating based on intrinsic motivational factors.

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Motivators Assessed:

  • Promotion
  • Achievement
  • Money
  • Relationships
  • Autonomy
  • Life Balance
  • Safety
  • Challenge
  • Duty
  • Recognition
  • Interest

Assessment Applications Include:

  • Self-Assessment
  • Choosing the Right Assignments
  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Career Development

Purchase includes:

  • Sales Motivators Assessment
  • Represented Assessment Results
  • Sales Role Suitability Report
  • Unlimited Single Person Use
  • Career Long Support

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