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Resources and services for increasing B2B sales performance, improving predictability, and resolving issues.

Sales Effectiveness v Sales Enablement

What is the Difference?

Can you measure the effectiveness of sales efforts at every stage of a sale? Sales effectiveness refers to that measurement and the associated improvement initiatives. We provide tools and resources to help sales managers and sales professionals measure and improve performance at every stage of the customers buying process. This is how we define sales effectiveness improvement.

Are your salespeople equiped with the best templates, tools, and materials to engage and persuade prospective cutomers? Sales enablement is about improving the information, content, and tools that help salespeople position their offerings, establish credibility, and communicate value. We help customers improve their content, sales tools, and value propositions. 

Continuouse improvement in the products, services, and solutions offerred togeher with effectiveness and enablement is the source of competitive advantage. If you need to increase your comptitive advantage, we can help.

Our consulting services leverage both sales effectiveness and sales enablement initiatives to increase results, improve predictability and resolve issues.

Effective Sales Strategy

It is easy to separate good and bad strategy. Once the 'how' of a plan is set, the next actions should be obvious. If required actions aren't obvious, the strategy is not serving its purpose and should be renewed or revised.

Good strategy drives tactics. Few can afford the luxury of a bad plan. Drawing on diverse wells of experience, making the most of resources, and being just a little better has a disproportionate impact on results.

If your need inspiration for sales strategy improvement, sales effectiveness resources, or sales enablement ideas, this is a good place to explore. The materials on this site present many solutions. If you need extra heads and hands to increase sales performance, improve predictability, or resolve issues, we can help.

Increase Performance

When orders are slow the spotlight is quickly turned on salespeople and their skills yet their ability to perform is affected by their selling environment.

Initiatives to increase performance can be directed at three levels: The organisation, sales leadership, and individual competence. What needs attention first?

Enablement through the way things must be done, Leadership in terms of forethought, strategy, planning, and communication, or Individual competence in terms of knowledge, methods, and skills? It is difficult to assess where to start and how to get results.

If working in the job is preventing work on the job, we can make a difference through strategic review.

Improve Predictability

The health of a company depends on performance matching expectations yet leaders and their people are often expected to predict results without guidance or support. Getting optimum results depends on managers defining reliable and repeatable systems for qualification, lead acquisition, and conversion. Alignment of process, intelligence, marketing resources, qualification, and execution all improve performance predictability.

Resolve Issues

In many organisations, sales management training is given much less attention than sales training or sales coaching. Leaders are often expected to know it all and deliver results with limited or no professional support.

Issues are best dealt with before they become problematic. In an ideal world, managers anticipate problems and difficulties and prevent their occurrence in advance rather than be on hand to repair the damage and police prevention policy.

Continuous informal assessment supported by periodic formal assessment offers the means to head off issues before they lead to poor performance. 'No problem can withstand the assault of sustained thinking', wrote Voltaire.

Yet thinking is the hard work that precedes success. Action without a plan is random and little better than planning without taking action. A coach, adviser, or consultant can be a lens for focusing talent.

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