About SalesSense

SalesSense background, history, aims, values, and expertise in sales training, coaching, consulting, and business development.

About SalesSense

SalesSense has been helping individuals and companies increase performance since 1996. Most customers and clients address their customers business challenges through technology, software, or know-how. Our name, reflects the nature of our purpose, to make sense of complex sales issues and then help others apply ideas, principles, and methods to increase sales performance

Services include sales strategy development, business development services, sales assessments, sales training courses, bespoke training development, and coaching. We focus on the needs of companies and individuals with technical, high value sales propositions who sell to businesses and organisations.

Larger customers include Thales, Dassualt, Mouchel, Integralis, Delcam, and many medium and small organisations, some with fewer than ten employees.

Most engagements begin with an informal exploration of the potential to realise opportunities or solve problems through improved thinking, planning, and preparation. Sometimes this is followed by a formal investigation or assessment. Our work normally encompasses improvement of measurable parameters. Our involvement can be as straightforward as one to one coaching sessions or as comprehensive as interim business development assignments.

Opportunities that we have helped organisations take advantage of have included:

  • Selling into new markets
  • Acquiring business relinquished by competitors
  • Taking advantage of market growth
  • Staff recruitment
  • Staff development

Issues that we have helped address include:

  • Poor sales performance
  • Staff turnover
  • Failing individuals
  • Failing strategy
  • Loss of key people
  • Aggressive competition

SalesSense is a Partnership run by a husband and wife team, supported by siblings and members of the next generation. We also rely on a small group of Associate Consultants who together with the Managing Partner, deliver services.

From our Reading base, we serve the Thames Valley, London, and the South of England. Good motorway and rail links make it easy for us to reach customers in the Midlands and north of England. International assignments have taken us to Norway, Sweden, The Netherlands, Switzerland, France, Hungary, Bahrain, India, China, and America.

The individuals and teams who benefit most from using this site and our services are those who sell technology, software, and know-how based business solutions where application of intelligence to the selling process, adopting 'best practice' methods, and the continuous improvement of sales skills lead to optimum results.

If you are looking for help with any sales performance issue, sales assessment, sales training, or coaching telephone +44 (0)1392 851500. We will be pleased to learn about your needs and talk through some options. Send email to custserv@salessense.co.uk for a prompt reply or use the contact form here.