Dig Deeper

Sales leader motivation and sales leadership development through outdoor extreme events.

Team Building for Salespeople

Want to find your real limits?

Dig Deeper represents mental and physical extreme outdoor challenges that appeal to people who are inspired by the difficulty of a thing and who enjoy being stretched physically as well as mentally in outdoor environments. Salespeople who relish a challenge and are eager to explore the limits of their endurance and mental resilience, benefit most from Dig Deeper events.

From a practical standpoint, extreme challenges help people learn about themselves, develop leadership skills, and extend their ability to face and overcome obstacles that others are unable or unwilling to embrace. These challenges are designed to push people to their limits without exposing them to unreasonable risks.

Dig deeper challenges offer those in sales leader roles who manage high value business and account teams, an opportunity to develop their abilities from many perspectives including presence of mind under pressure, communicating in difficult circumstances, and retaining focus in the face of overwhelming difficulties.

For example, the 24 peaks challenge:

Team Building for Sales People

Crest the summit of 24 Lake District peaks over 2400 feet in 24 hours of walking.

For those who haven't heard the details, it seems an impossible task. This challenge regularly defeats those who are insufficiently prepared either physically or mentally.

This is just one of the possibilities. 'Dig Deeper' is a label we use to represents to the concept of extreme challenge and extreme learning.

Team Building for Sales People

Clients choose from the complete range of potential activities. We provide the organisation, structure, evaluation, coaching and feedback. Clients choose the challenge which might involve water, rock climbing, mountaineering, mountain biking, and other outdoor adventure activities, or a combination of challenges.

Abseil 300ft down the Avon Gorge. Scale sheer rock faces. Explore the deepest cave systems. Climb the UK's tallest peaks. Complete in a multi discipline endurance race. Take the wilderness test.

All events are organised and supervised by qualified industry professionals.

If you are looking for a sales leadership development programme or simply a motivational event for those in sales leader roles with a gung-ho mentality, we can help. Telephone +44 (0)1392 851500. We will be pleased to learn about your needs and talk through some options. Alternatively Send email to custserv@salessense.co.uk for a prompt reply or use the contact form here.