Increasing Sales Effectiveness

Increasing the effectiveness of customer facing staff through improved methods, tools, skills, and knowledge.

Customer facing staff can become more effective through the use of better methods, improving skills, increasing knowledge, and using better tools or materials.

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To assess how much more effective a team can become it is necessary to collect some competitor benchmarks that can be used for comparison. For example, Average Revenue/Profit per Salesperson or Sales Value per Employee or Expenses to Revenue Ratio.

Establishing such data points can take a little research. First we need to select one or two comparable top performers. The larger the organisation the easier it is to find representative data. Point data may be enough to get started. In the longer run it might be important to monitor trends. If comparison provides clear evidence that your sales performance compares unfavourably with comparable competitors, investing in sales enablement is an avenue for closing the sales performance gap and gaining market share.

Let's consider how each aspect of sales enablement can make a difference. To begin with it helps to decide what sales processes, habits, and practices represent the best possible approach to the sales tasks. In the same framework it is also valuable to define what knowledge constitutes the optimum for each customer facing role. These frameworks are often referred to as a competency models.

Simply publishing a competency model internally so that everyone knows what sales people are supposed to know and do, can have a measurable impact on sales effectiveness.

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With the model in place, it becomes easier to adjust the policies and procedures to govern method and process; it becomes easier to create the training, tools, and materials that support acquisition of the identified skills, habits, practices, and knowledge.

Establishing and maintaining the high standards necessary to lead in sales effectiveness requires continuous effort. Most organisations do some of these things, some of the time. Hiring enough full time sales enablement specialists may not be practical. Many benefits can accrue from using a third party specialist such as SalesSense:

  1. Independent specialists depend on their ability to continually deliver a high standard of work. Reputation is largely responsible for repeat assignments and new business so they are highly motivated to deliver results.
  2. All SalesSense consultants have successfully completed our assessment process and have agreed to underwrite our guarantee so you can be certain of a quality service.
  3. Consultants provided by SalesSense leverage the full range of SalesSense tools and materials. We have developed and tested these resources over a period of decades so you can be sure of accurate analysis, effective interventions, and satisfactory results.
  4. There is no need to make a full time commitment. SalesSense consultants can be booked for specific tasks, to complete projects, manage programmes, or to provide a part time function on an ongoing basis.
  5. There are no employment overheads. No employee administration, no insurance or tax issues to manage, and no personal equipment such as a laptop or telephone to provide. The only additional costs are agreed out of pocket expenses.
  6. Online learning functionality can be provided via our virtual learning environment, providing a user friendly learning interface, progress monitoring, progress assessment, and comprehensive reporting. Alternatively, our consultants can build online programmes in your Learning Management System.
  7. All contracts are backed by our satisfaction guarantee. If the required work isn't completed to your satisfaction, you will be entitled to a repeat engagement at no charge or a refund. We guarantee the quality of the work and ensure that backup consultants are available to support unexpected requirements or unforeseen shortfalls.

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