Communication Skills Training

Interpersonal skills training options including sales negotiation skills and sales presentation skills. Effective communication underpins success.

Interpersonal Communication Skills Training Improving communication makes a difference in all interactions with others. Collaborating with peers, contributing to team success, influencing individuals, inspiring colleagues, winning new business, and developing existing business.

Effective speaking and listening skills are vital for leading teams, heading organisations, and influencing groups of people.

These three communications skills training courses provide the means to develop and extend interpersonal and group influence.

Advocate Persuasively

Suitable for customer facing staff, salespeople, managers, and internal people who need to obtain the cooperation of others in their work.

Participants develop interpersonal abilities, become more persuasive, and increase influence.

Advancing Sales Negotiations

Sales NegotiationSuitable for customer facing staff, salespeople, and managers.

Practise proven ways to maximise the value to both sides in any customer or internal negotiation.

Improve preparedness, situational understanding, communication, and interpersonal skills.

Advocate One to Many

Sales Presentation SkillsSuitable for sales people, customer facing staff, and anyone whose work involves presentations. Communicate more effectively when speaking to one person or many, in private or in public. 

Use proven step by step methods to improve public speaking and presentation delivery.

Participation improves planning, preparation, confidence, projection, and creativity.

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