Our Customer Commitments

We make these customer commitments regarding SalesSense sales training, business development, and sales consulting services.

Customer Commitments

SalesSense Customer Commitments

1. We promise to listen first. Your challenge or opportunity is unique. Listening helps you to explore the issues or opportunities you are grappling with and increases our understanding of your needs. If we seem reluctant to put forward a solution, it is because we want to be as certain as we can that anything we recommend will be effective.

2. We promise to put your interests first when offering advice about the suitability of our sales training or business development services.

3. We aim to respond promptly to all enquiries, whether via telephone or e-mail. Due to other commitments, sometimes it may take us a couple of days.

4. We aim to maintain high standards in everything we do however, we are human. If you are unhappy about any aspect of our products, services, or delivery, please tell us so that we have a chance to fix it.

5. We guarantee that using the skills and methods taught in our sales training and coaching programmes will increase sales results. Any customer who is not satisfied with the truth of this statement will be offered a full refund.


Service to others determines return. We expect of life, everything it has to offer and know that to receive it, we must give everything we have to offer. Holding anything back is a waste, for tomorrow we cannot use the gift of today.


We specialise in creating solutions that match specific sales performance improvement needs. As a result of providing sales performance solutions, we have developed the wide range of products and services represented on this site. If we haven't already developed something that exactly meets your needs, we will customise what we have or create something new to ensure optimum results. Our mission is to use our expertise together with the sales training, coaching, and business development products and services we develop to help clients, customers, and visitors improve sales productivity, predictability, and results.

If you need to know more about our customer commitments, sales training, business development, or consulting services, telephone +44 (0)1392 851500. We will be pleased to answer questions, discuss your needs or talk through some options. Send email to custserv@salessense.co.uk for customer service or use the contact form here.