The Power to Speak in Public

Public Speaking Skills Ebook

Public speaking skills e-book supported by a presentation skills assessment questionnaire.

Public speaking skills e-book. Forty nine pages covering highlights from our Advocate - One to Many presentation skills training course.

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Learn how to address common presentation and public speaking challenges:

  • Never be Anxious about Speaking in Public
  • Convert Anxiety into Empowering Energy
  • Speak with Confidence and Enthusiasm
  • Hold Attention from First Words to Closing Comments
  • Get an Enthusiastic Response Every Time you Speak
  • Make Messages Memorable and Compelling
  • Handle Questions and Interruptions with Ease
  • Use Humour Without Risk
  • Benefit from Video, Peer, and Course Leader Feedback
  • Cause Listeners to Take Action

Speaking in front of groups offers unrivalled opportunity to demonstrate merit. People remember how you spoke and came across. Learn how to sway with your knowledge and understanding, captivate with your personality and vigour, hold attention with your enthusiasm and creativity, entertain with your humour and spirit, motivate with your sincerity and persuasiveness, and end with resolution and certainty.

If you occasionally have to present and you simply want to increase your effectiveness as a presenter, this resource will provide hundreds of ideas, exercises, and methods for developing your skills. If you have a presentation to make and feel anxious, apprehensive, or worse about the prospect of standing up in front of an audience, this resource helps overcome feelings of anxiety and presents the means to speak in public with confidence. If you are an experienced presenter you will find new ways to increase your presence, impact, and effectiveness as a presenter and public speaker.

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