Sales Coaching

How a sales coach helps you double your income.

Sales Coach - Sales Coaching

Use a sales coach to test ideas and plans before competitors do. 

Focus on more of the right things at the right time with sales coaching support.

Make better choices and act with greater confidence. 

Coaching increases results, improves job satisfaction, raises standing, and accelerates career progression.

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Optional Selling Skills Assessment Included

Coaching engagements include grading and validation feedback on our assessments.

Use our assessments to discover development opportunities and address weaknesses. Take an inventory of skills, habits, knowledge, and practice to formulate development plans.

Optional One-to-one Training Included

Discover new techniques and methods. Use sales coaching to explore our extensive range of training material.

Practice new approaches without risk. Try the tools and templates we present in our courses.  

Optional Role Play Included

Have the coach play the role of a customer to try out sales plays, propositions, messaging, and objection handling. 

Our people have extensive selling and management experience. Their coaching practices draw on the collective learning from thousands of previous engagements.

Remote One-to-One and Group Coaching

Remote engagements takes place via a telephone conference or in a virtual meeting room. Sessions normally last an hour. Participants can be anywhere there is an Internet connection so scheduling is easy.

In-Person Coaching for Individuals and Groups

Classroom coaching sessions normally last two to four hours. Arrangements may be subject to travel and venue expenses.

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