Should You Hire a Professional?

Test the maturity of a plan then hire a professional to give it momentum.

Diagram about testing plans. Test plans or hire a professional.

Hire a professional to speed up planning, test a plan, lead implementation, or do the work.

Action is the key. Yet doing things right is a waste of time if you don't first choose the right things to do.

Good ideas are often acted on without due consideration, without thinking them through.

"In preparing for battle I have found that plans are useless but planning is indispensable."

General Dwight Eisenhower - supreme commander of the WW2 D-day invasion.

"No plan survives first contact with the  enemy"

Helmuth van Moltke - nineteenth-century Prussian military commander.

Business is not the same as a military campaign yet it is certainly competitive. Every business must win the hearts and minds of its intended customers in competition with others intent of doing the same.

Is you plan sound?

Have you tested it?

Score your plan on each of the following statements below.

Give yourself a 3 if you can already provide a detailed, specific, factual answer without further preparation.

Score a 2 if you are certain that you could prepare a detailed, specific, factual answer within an hour.

Allocate 1 point if you are a little unsure how to prepare a detailed factual answer.

Mark statements as 0 if you are guessing.

1. I know what will have to have changed and by how much for this plan to be considered a worthwhile initiative.
2. I know how this plan will deliver the intended changes or required results.
3. I know who will have to change how they do what they do for this plan to be worthwhile.
4. I know how those who will have to change will be persuaded or motivated to make and maintain the necessary changes.
5. I know how to monitor and measure the implementation progress of this plan.
6. I have estimated the the costs of this plan in terms of internal time commitments and any other resources.
7. I have prepared a business case justification that details the costs and anticipated return on the investment over time.
8. Others in my organisation who will be impacted by this plan, are in favour of its implementation.
9. This plan includes a detailed step-by-step schedule of assigned actions that will be necessary for implementation..
10. Someone has been appointed or has accepted responsibility for project management of the plan.
Total Score

If your total score is over 20, your plan is well developed and approaching readiness. Share it with sceptics to test the plan.

A score under 20 suggests that this plan needs more work before it is tested.

If you score a plan under 10, maybe it is time to hire a professional.. 

Are you ready to hire a professional?

What is a professional?

Someone with expertise in the process, situation, and purpose who can help with the forethought, planning, preparation and execution of a plan.

Use this assessment as a framework for testing a plan or selecting a professional to help.

Hire a professional to:

  • Complete a plan faster
  • Test a plan
  • Project manage implementation
  • Do the work

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