How we Contribute

How we help customers increase sales performance and business growth.

Increase Sales Performance

Whether you are searching for sales consulting, enablement, or training solutions, or ways to increase sales performance, we can help. Increasing sales performance is our purpose. We provide highly focused extra resources for increasing activity, consistency, productivity, and results.

Research combined with front line industry and training experience enables us to offer unique, innovative, and proven ways to accelerate success.

Companies who benefit most from our services and programmes are those who sell technically complex products and solutions.

Our services, tools, products, courses, and methods serve companies who sell technology, software, or know-how based solutions to businesses and organisations.

Continuous development of our methods and materials has enabled us to help clients keep pace with the relentless pressure of emerging competition.

Assessment First

Sometimes the issue, difficulty, or challenge is obvious and the right solution can be selected. Sometimes customers have conducted a thorough study of the problem or opportunity and decided on the best course of action. In many situations it is appropriate to carry out some investigation before proposing or adopting a particular approach or solution. We have developed a range of business, team, and individual competence assessments that take the guesswork out of investigation.

Sales and management competency can be defined. We have developed competency models to meet the needs of those selling complex solutions to other businesses and then prepared a series of assessments to evaluate ability against the model. Evaluating competency has many applications including training needs analysis, development support, benchmarking, and selection.

Sales Enablement Services

Superceding rather than replacing sales training, sales enablement can improve sales predictability, address most issues that obstruct sales success, and increase sales performance. Assembling a comprehensive sales enablement kit takes up a lot of time and depends on specialist expertise. We can take on the whole task or just specific sales enablement elements.

Coaching Services

One on one coaching improves skills and methods. It helps people take better decisions, and supports self discipline. Coaching helps managers, leaders, and customer facing staff get more done and achieve more of what they set out to accomplish. A coach can address specific issues for individuals immediately.

There is no need to wait for the right course to be available. Coaching quickly resolves difficulties or exposes stubborn problems so that enduring solutions can be devised. Face to face and remote coaching options offer complete flexibility. Our wide range of frameworks and materials enable us to help customers address most performance challenges.

Training Services

Change should always be more than just an event. Adoption of new skills and methods depends on three aspects of learning - engaging communication, proof of the principle, and opportunity to practice. To improve training results we have developed a range of techniques that help people remember and use what they learn. Training participants take away practical tools, methods, and ideas that they can put to use immediately.

Distance Learning Options

All our training courses can be taken via a series of one to one coaching interactions. These options enable customers to study our learning materials independently or with the guidance of a coach, from anywhere in the world.

Sales Simulation Training

The best training is on the job, yet this is no place to take unnecessary risks. Instead, practise in a safe environment that is as close to the real thing as possible. It takes a bit of planning and organising which we can help with. The results are well worth the effort.

Business Benchmarking

People do what is measured. Benchmarking offers an additional means of changing behaviour. We use our experience to help customers leverage this powerful approach and guarantee results.

We are a company of salespeople who teach selling. Our consultants all have many years of experience, selling and managing teams in front line positions. In addition, everyone undertakes a continuous training and development programme. We maintain outstanding quality through rigorous accreditation. We increase sales performance through consulting, enablement, coaching, and training.

If you need to increase sales performance or accelerate business growth we can help. Telephone +44 (0)1392 851500 to speak with a consultant. We will be pleased to answer questions and learn about your needs. Send email to for a prompt response. Alternatively, use the contact form here.