Reveal Opportunities Through Sales and Marketing Assessment

Discover new ways to get better faster with sales and marketing assessment tools.

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Measure twice, cut once. Carpentry wisdom that chimes in all endeavours.

Evaluate sales management and sales operational practicessales knowledge, skills, and methods through a sales and marketing assessment tools.

Are you selling as much as you think you should?

Would you like to know?

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Sales Assessments

Sales Team Management and Sales Operations Management

What are your blind spots? What do you know that you don't know? What don't you know that you don't know?

Discover your opportunities in a free consultation on sales management or operations.

I'll share the questions that you can use to find your opportunities.

Sales and Marketing Assessment for Integration

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Do your sales and marketing teams work as one?

Friction and divergence is common.

Are there things that you can do to create more alignment and collaboration?

Could you be overlooking easy ways to increase teamwork?

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Assessment Applications and Benefits

  • Set new expectations, influence behaviour, and accelerate learning.  
  • Expand knowledge of best practice.
  • Use assessments to improve selection and reduce hiring mistakes.
  • Assess training and development needs and use results to structure appraisals.
  • Assess and expand checklists for enhanced planning.
  • A periodic assessment or review, reveals unseen issues and opportunities.

As time goes by, circumstances and events conspire to unravel plans and undermine initiatives. Plans and operations benefit from periodic independent 'stand back' reviews to identify improvement and realignment opportunities.

Bespoke Assessments

Using a direct, non psychometric approach to sales assessment means that the tools are easily modified or designed from scratch to support any 'best practice' or competence model.

If you have already defined excellence in your organisation, have us create bespoke assessments that evaluate skills, knowledge, and behaviours against your best practice models.

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