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Reveal improvement opportunities with our sales and marketing assessment.

Sales and Marketing Effectiveness

Sales and Marketing Assessment

As time goes by, circumstances and events conspire to unravel plans and undermine operations. A periodic sales and marketing assessment reveals potential issues and opportunities.

"No plan of operations extends with certainty beyond the first encounter with the enemy's main strength", wrote Field Marshall Helmuth von Moltke the Elder.

Plans and operations benefit from periodic independent 'stand back' reviews to identify opportunities for improvement or realignment. More here.

Sales and Marketing Assessment Tools

Business Assessment Tools

This collection of assessment tools examen the readiness of a sales organisation to reveal business performance improvement opportunities. Each assessment provides a new outside perspective, prompts new ideas, reveals potential solutions, and renews enthusiasm for progress.

We use these tools to help clients achieve significant improvements in revenue and profits. Have an executive team use these tools in a one day facilitated workshop to clarify opportunities, identify improvement priorities, and coordinate commitment.

Use our online tools to support a self-led initiative. See the details here.

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Sales Assessments

Assessments influence behaviour, accelerate learning, and reveal opportunities. They help with selection, appraisals, training needs analysis, They aid planning, communicate best practice, improve development, and reduce hiring mistakes.

Sales Tests - Sales Assessments

Evaluating knowledge, skills, mindset, and motivation through assessments reveals opportunities to maximise results and deal with issues before they affect performance. Independent exam style grading or consultant validation, maximises attention and stimulates learning.

Sales assessments can provide all the necessary learning impetus and eliminate or minimise the need for outside consulting or sales training services.

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Sales Competency Models

Sales Competence Model

Our sales and management assessments are based on comprehensive competence models designed for those selling complex business solutions.

Customers can use the model to form a base for developing their own definition of sales competence. Having or adopting a model and making team members aware of it increases learning motivation and influences behaviour.

The framework has made it easy for us to adapt and customise sales assessments to meet specific customer needs. For an overview of our standard sales competence model, follow this link.

Bespoke or Customised Assessments


Using a direct, non psychometric approach to sales assessment means that the tools are easily modified or designed from scratch to support any 'best practice' or competence model.

If you have already defined what excellence looks like in your organisation, have us create bespoke assessments that evaluate skills, knowledge, and behaviours against your best practice models.


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