Increase B2B Revenue and Profit by 25% or More

Picture of Clive Miller, founder, Managing Partner, and lead sales consultant.
Clive Miller - Managing Partner

Could you be missing out on 25% or your sales potential? Unlock your missing business. Use our sales consulting services to supplement your resources:

  • Upgrade sales training.
  • Slash the cost of selling.
  • Double conversion rates.
  • Fix sales forecasting.

Do you need to achieve these things in your business or role?

Schedule an informal conversation with me now or call +44 1392 851500. I'll ask a few questions and then outline ways that others have reclaimed their missing 25% sales upside.

Gain enough information to fix things yourself. If you don't have the time, use a sales consultant to help you bring about the necessary sales process and sales performance improvement.

We guarantee that our sales consulting services will generate a minimum 500% return on the investment.

When there are Skills Gaps:

Sales opportunities are missed, account management is inconsistent, and customers are lost.

When the Cost of Selling is too High:

Sales expenses are higher than planned, fewer salespeople achieve their target, and gross profit margins are squeezed. 

When Sales Forecasts are Inaccurate:

Picture of sales consultants discussing the impact of sales training.

Fulfilment may be delayed, customer service suffers, and managing cash flow becomes more difficult.

Sales Effectiveness or Enablement

What is the Difference?

Effectiveness is about stage by stage performance measurement and improvement.

We provide heads, hands, and tools to help managers and individuals measure and improve performance at every stage of the customers buying process.

Enablement is optimising the information, content, tools, and sales training that is provided to help salespeople position their offerings, establish credibility, communicate value, and win more business. 

We help customers improve their content, tools, and value propositions and present them to sellers in a complete consistent kit.

Take deliberate action to increase sales results, improve business predictability and resolve issues. Use our sales consulting services and support to deliver your effectiveness and enablement initiatives. 

Effective Sales Strategy

It is easy to separate good and bad strategy. Once the 'how' of a plan is set, the next actions should be obvious. If required actions aren't obvious, the strategy is not serving its purpose and should be renewed or revised.

Good strategy drives tactics. Few can afford the luxury of a bad plan. Drawing on diverse wells of experience, making the most of resources, and being just a little better has a disproportionate impact on results. Using outside services to resource strategic projects is a profitable investment, not a sunk cost.

Increase Sales Performance

When orders are slow the spotlight is quickly turned on salespeople and their selling skills yet their ability to perform is affected by their selling environment.

Initiatives to increase performance can be directed at three levels: The organisation, the leadership, and the individual.

What needs attention first? Improving the way things are done; improving forethought, strategy, planning, and communication, or developing individual competence in terms of knowledge, methods, and skills?

It is difficult to assess where to start and how to get results.

If working in the job is preventing work on the job, we can make a difference by providing temporary sales consulting resources, when you need them.

Improve Predictability

Diagram to illustrate the potential 25% sales upside available from sales training, sales coaching, and sales consulting services.

The health of a company depends on performance matching expectations yet leaders and their people are often expected to accurately predict results of uncertain customer decisions.

Getting optimum results depends on managers defining reliable and repeatable systems for qualification, lead acquisition, and conversion. If a manager's time is fully committed, a sales consultant can bridge the gap.

Alignment of process, market insights, marketing resources, qualification, and execution all improve performance predictability. Optimise your performance with sales consultancy services.

Resolve Issues

In many organisations, management and leadership development is given much less attention than training courses for salespeople. Leaders are expected to know it all and deliver results with limited or no professional support. Use sales consulting briefings to gain an edge.

Issues are best dealt with before they become problematic. In an ideal world, managers anticipate problems and difficulties and prevent their occurrence in advance, rather than be on hand to repair the damage after the event.

Continuous informal assessment supported by periodic formal assessment offers the means to head off issues before they lead to poor performance. 'No problem can withstand the assault of sustained thinking', wrote Voltaire.

Yet thinking is the hard work that precedes success. Action without a plan is random and little better than planning without taking action. Planning in isolation risks narrow perspectives. Consulting sales experts, peers, a coach, or an adviser ensures consideration of wider viewpoints.

Sales Consultancy Services

Many of our sales consultancy tools are free to use on this website. This includes our work motivators and win predictor assessments and several online micro courses.

The methods behind many of our sales consulting solutions are freely accessible and can be used for self-led initiatives. Methods published include, our facilitated enquiry, competency led learning, and success formula programmes.

Ask for more details or search this site for the sales improvement resources. 

If you need help to increase results, improve predictability, or resolve issues, hire a sales consultant to immediately expand resources. Our sales consulting services deliver specialist expertise and hands on people when you need them. Schedule a call with me now or call +44 (0)1392 851500. Alternatively, use the contact form here or send an email to for a prompt reply.