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Sales Win Predictor

Quantify sales lead qualification to assess your chances of winning.

Sales Lead Qualification

Rate the truth of fourteen straightforward statements for sales lead qualification of any opportunity. Score your chances of winning and reveal the actions that will swing the odds in your favour.

It takes less than a minute once you are familiar with the statements.

Rate the truth of each statement on a scale of 1 to 10.

If the statement is not true at all or if you have no knowledge to base your assessment on, score a 1.

If you have certain knowledge that the statement is true, score a 10.

Adjust the score to reflect your certainty or uncertainty in the truth of each statement with regard to the sales opportunity that you are assessing.

The higher your score, the greater the likelihood of success.

Results are entirely confidential. See our privacy policy here. You do not need to enter any customer information.

Complete sales lead qualification assessment at the beginning of a campaign and then again at intervals to see how your score is improving.

If you would like assistance with sales lead qualification, sales opportunity assessment, deal reviews, or improving sales forecasting, we can help. Telephone +44 (0)1392 851500. We will be pleased to discuss your needs or talk through some options. Alternatively Send email to custserv@salessense.co.uk for a prompt reply or use the contact form here.

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