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Sales help for maximising personal effectiveness.

Everything has to be sold. Even good ideas. If you want to have others benefit from the things you know, the ideas that you have, and the causes you support, you have to sell. Free sales help is at hand.

Since January 2020 I have been posting regularly on LinkedIn. I share the sales wisdom that I have collected from research and personal experience and invite you to share yours by engaging in a conversation on topics that you care about.

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Since LinkedIn is a 'happening now' place, I want to provide access to past posts that in a few short days or weeks, are pushed too far down the LinkedIn stack to be seen.

So here are my favourites:

The many forms of power.

A persistence test.

A bad decision is better than no decision - here is why.

Things rarely go according to the plan.

Principles of leadership from Think and Grow Rich.

Start with nothing.

Overnight success takes about fifteen years.

You don't have to have the idea.

Hard work and honesty alone, are not enough.

Can you sell an idea?

Do you have the imagination?

Do you have the necessary specialised knowledge?

Do you have the knowledge and do you know how to use it?

Action is the key.

The power of sustained concentration.

Emotional connection with the need for action.

Prophetic predictions.

The thinking poem.

How to use autosuggestion.

Truth is, truth is what you think it is.

How do affirmations work?

What is faith and how does it work?

The deaf boy who learned to hear.

Are you ready to receive?

Do you have a dream?

The immovable barrier to monetary riches.

Six steps to riches.

Are you still wondering if the 1937 book, Think and Grow Rich is relevant today?

"Fail forward faster." wrote Tom Peters.

It's always darkest before the dawn.

The man who thought his way into partnership with Thomas Edison

Think and Grow Rich - the very first words in the book.

First in a series about the applicability of Think and Grow Rich (sold over 100m copies).

What does poor service mean to you? See my poll here.

Why do customers change supplier? See my poll here.

Latest top sales performer interview with Nikola Dabic.

Admirable characteristics of doctors that salespeople should copy - diagnosis.

Admirable characteristics of doctors should salespeople copy - vast knowledge

Is selling a worthy and productive occupation?

Sales brilliance - beliefs about selling

Sales brilliance - market understanding.

How much difference can negotiation make?

Product/Solution/Services knowledge - keeping up.

Product/Solutions/Services knowledge SWOT.

Sales brilliance - knowledge depth

Sales brilliance series continued - product/solution/service knowledge.

What sets top sales performers apart - John Bycroft

Top Salespeople Interviewed - John Bycroft

Make your personality the point of reference.

Personality differences between sellers and buyers.

Personality led decision shortcuts.

Exploring the personality map - car buying strategies.

Exploring the personality map - how people buy cars.

Exploring the personality map - roles.

Personality characteristics map.

Personality characteristics assessment.

Adapting communication style for personality.

Adaptability in communication.

Adaptability v consistency analysis.

Adaptability v consistency poll.

Changing the world requires tenacity.

Changing the world requires courage.

Salespeople change the world through creativity.

Sellers are leaders - salespeople change the world.

The easiest way to make a valuable contribution.

What is the purpose of selling?

How to get referrals with re-sharable content.

How to get referrals from employees.

How to get referrals from suppliers.

How to get channel partners, agents, and affiliates to sell proactively.

Other ways to generate a storm of referrals.

How to get referrals and introductions from people you don't know.

How to turn a referral recommendation into an introduction.

How to get referrals from existing customers via a letter or email.

How to get referrals from existing customers.

How to get referrals from new customers.

How to get referrals from competitors.

Incentivised referral prospecting.

How to negotiate introductions and referrals.

Behavioural v moral integrity - two different things.

How to win trust, quickly.

Do you always do what you say you will?

Integrity - what does it really mean?

Sales brilliance - integrity.

Listen to your writing.

Never send your first composition.

Write persuasively with the rule of three.

Write in stories.

First, put yourself in your readers shoes.

Improve writing by starting with an outline or list.

Write in the active voice for shorter sentences.

Write with brevity.

Ways to improve writing - how to write more.

Sales brilliance - next up - writing skills.

Can people be persuaded to do things that they don't want to do?

Which means of persuasion is the most effective?

Use a crowd to persuade.

Leverage reciprocity to persuade.

Leverage interest to persuade.

Persuade through the expectations of others.

Persuade by appealing to a sense of duty.

Persuade by appealing to self-interest.

How persuasive are you?

Sales brilliance - Aristotle on persuasion.

Sales brilliance - becoming more persuasive.

Ways to improve listening and mind-reading - summary.

Set aside review time to get more from your listening.

Listen with patience to hear everything.

Listen with your heart to grasp the feelings that words are built on.

Listen with your nose to grock people's thoughts.

Set aside all judgement to listen with an open mind.

Set aside your comparisons to listen more effectively.

Remember what you want to say when it is your turn to speak.

Mimic and repeat silently to listen with greater attention.

Listen and remember with perfect recollection.

Adopt an expectant state of mind to listen with more attention.

Empty your mind to listen more attentively.

Suspend your agenda to listen more attentively.

Ways to listen with more attention.

Listening persuasively.

Sales brilliance - the next topics and the learning cycle.

Sales brilliance - progress review.

Rifle shot prospecting - the whole process.

Speaking with the PA, EA, or Secretary.

Rifle shot follow up and the other closing questions.

Follow-up contingencies and the closing question.

A follow up dialogue example.

The follow-up dialogue.

The rifle shot letter follow-up - a time to call.

The rifle shot letter envelope

The rifle shot letter content

The rifle shot letter PS

The rifle shot letter signature line.

The rifle shot approach - using a headline.

Getting attention through parallel messages.

The campaign approach - send a report, white paper, or PDF.

The campaign approach - an old-fashioned letter.

The campaign approach - LinkedIn invitation.

Sales prospecting email psychology

What to say in a sales voicemail.

Sales Prospecting - the campaign approach.

How to get introduced by someone whom you do know.

How to get introduced by someone whom you don't know.

The social selling 'Get Introduced' system - part 4

The social selling 'Get Introduced' system - part 3.

The social selling 'Get Introduced' system shortcut.

The social selling 'Get Introduced' system - part 1.

Sales prospecting with or without LinkedIn?

The most reliable way to start more sales conversations.

How will you fill the top of your sales funnel?

How much time should you spend generating sales leads?

How to set a sales prospecting target.

What are the top three customer problems that you fix?

Find out how the problems you solve, manifest - 3

Putting yourself on your customer's team - 2

Knowing your customers - 1

Sales brilliance - what we have covered and still have to address.

How to get around an intermediary.

What do you do to move a sales opportunity along?

How do you keep track of your sales leads and opportunities?

Which of these steps are part of your customers' typical buying process?

What should you do first - define your sales process or choose a CRM system?

Trial close testing questions - 15

Relationship testing questions - 14

Hypothetical testing questions - 13

Eliminate mistakes with testing questions - 12

Use rhetorical questions to plant ideas - 11

Make it their idea with planting questions - 10

Steering question examples and an exercise - 9

Initiating question preparation and examples - 8

How to keep New Year resolutions.

Overt and covert question styles - 7

Mirroring for rapport and better answers - 6

Using sensory language to increase rapport - 5

Matching for rapport and better answers - 4

How to build trust quickly in a conversation - 3

What to do when you get closed answers to open questions - 2

The questioning skills that you never knew were needed - 1.

Sales Methods for Every Stage of the Sales Process

Integrating the Customers Buying Process with the Sales Process

How to Develop Better Sales Methods

Sales Brilliance - People Reading Skills

Putting things in Perspective and Managing Response for Mental Toughness

Mental Toughness through a Pledge, Vow, or Oath

How to Increase Mental Toughness - Healthy Living

Mental Toughness from Realistic Practise

Using Stress Exposure to Increase Mental Toughness

How to Increase Mental Toughness - Anticipation and Preparation

Visualise to Increase Mental Toughness

Learn from Everything to Increase Mental Toughness

How to Increase Mental Toughness by Choosing Helpful Attitudes

How to Increase Mental Toughness with Clear Goals

How to Increase Mental Toughness by Getting Emotions Under Control

Using a Positive Internal Narrative to Increase Mental Toughness

How to Increase Mental Toughness

Mental Toughness - Definition and Opportunity

What it takes to be Brilliant in Sales - Reader Choices

What it Takes to be Brilliant in Sales

Sales Qualification - Qualifying Customer Competence

Sales Qualification - Qualifying the Competition

Sales Qualification - Qualifying the Approvers

Sales Qualification - Qualifying the Decision Criteria

Sales Qualification - Qualifying the Evaluation Plan

Sales Qualification - Qualifying the Business Case

Sales Qualification - Qualifying Decision Makers and Influencers

Sales Qualification - Pressure Forcing Action

Sales Suspect Pre Qualification

Sales Brilliance - Discovery Qualification

Cultural Intelligence 10 - Review

Cultural Intelligence 9 - Trust

Cultural Intelligence 8 - Achievement

Cultural Intelligence 7 - Rules

Cultural Intelligence 6 - Time

Cultural Intelligence 5 - Communication

Cultural Intelligence 4 - Risk

Cultural Intelligence 3 - Power

Cultural Intelligence 2 - Identity

Cultural Intelligence 1 - Definition

Sales brilliance - Intrinsic Motivators 4

Sales Brilliance - Intrinsic Motivators 3

Sales Brilliance - Intrinsic Motivators 2

Sales Brilliance - Intrinsic Motivators 1

The Appeal of what You Sell

Sales Brilliance Aspects Contributed

What Does it Take to be brilliant in Sales?

Use a Sprint to Win a New Customer

Project Sprints - How They Help Get Things Done

How to Ride a Wave

How to Transform Ideas into Innovations

Creative Tactics for Brilliant Ideas 3

Creative Tactics for Brilliant Ideas 2

Creative Tactics for Brilliant Ideas 1

Get Fit and Sell More

Oh No! Voicemail - What do you Say?

The Easiest Cold Call

Simple Steps to Set Up a Cold Outreach System

Set Up a Sales Prospecting System

Even the Most Driven Person Needs Downtime

Reasons for Questions Offered by Yesterday's Commenters

What Motivates a Question?

Can Questions Cause People to Think Particular Thoughts?

When You Hear or Read a Question . . .

What Do You Do to Protect Your Health?

How to Improve Forecast Accuracy 5 - Confidence

How to Improve Forecast Accuracy 4 - Qualification Checklist

How to Improve Forecast Accuracy 3 - Stage Percentage

How to Improve Forecast Accuracy 2 - Process Alignment

How to Improve Forecast Accuracy 1 - The Buying Process

Is Sales Forecasting an Art or a Science?

How Agility Addresses Ambiguity (VUCA)

How Understanding Supersedes Uncertainty (VUCA)

How Vision Mitigates Volatility (VUCA)

Is Your World VUCA - Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous?

Forced Learning - Can it Work?

What are the Best Things to Say in a Sales Letter?

Set Yourself Apart With a Sales Letter

Shocking B2B Sales Statistics

What is the Best Way to Find New Customers?

Do you get sales approaches that are off the mark?

How Do You Feel About Cold Calling?

Two Types of Business Pain

Story Lessons from 'Save The Cat' by Blake Snyder

Create Compelling 25-word Sales Stories

Never Make a Point Without Telling a Story

Never Tell a Story Without Making a Point

Do You Tell a Good Story?

What is Your One Thing?

As Stephen Covey Put it, "Put First Things First"

How to Get Out of Crisis Mode

Why Do Things Always Take Longer than You Think they Will?

How to Reduce the Cost of Selling

Is Your Cost of Selling Rising?

How Do You Start a Conversation With a Sales Suspect?

Unpacking Confidence

If You Had Bread to Sell and a List of Hungry People

A Story to End the Week

Predicting the Future

Can You Exercise Free Will?

Aristotle's Pillars of Persuasion

How to Persuade - Ethos

How Do You Persuade

Having Candid Conversations

How to Loosen Your Load

Do You Keep Track of Contact Events?

What Sayings and Principles Guide You?

How Do Your Customers Buy?

How is What You Sell, Different?

Do You Look People Up Before You Meet or Speak?

What Goes On Inside the Minds of Senior Executives?

Do You Use Google Alerts?

Do You Think that You Should be Selling More?

How to Overcome Your Greatest Sales Challenge

How to Use Strategy in Any Competitive Scenario

How to Test a Strategy

How Do You Use the Term, Strategy?

How Consultants, Experts, and Trainers Add Value

Everything that You Want to Know, Almost

Where Can You Get a 100% Return on Investment Today?

How Good is Sales Training?

What Should Be a Salesperson's Virtues?

What to Do in a Crisis

Types of Proof that Your Stuff Does What You Claim

How to Be Better Prepared for Recovery

How Do Customers Decide what to Buy?

Learning is a Circle

People Often Say that Motivation Doesn't Last

What are the Worst Sales Habits?

Do Any of These Business Scenarios Resonate?


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