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Sales help in the form of tips, ideas, and secrets.

Everything has to be sold. Even good ideas. If you want to have others benefit from the things you know, the ideas that you have, and the causes you support, you have to sell. Free sales help is at hand.

Since January 2020 I have been posting daily on LinkedIn. My posts come from the accumulated wisdom that I have collected in my life. Many represent the learning and work of others. As Newton said, "I stand on the shoulders of giants".

Since LinkedIn is a 'happening now' place, I want to provide access to past posts that in a few short days or weeks, are pushed too far down the LinkedIn stack to be seen.

So here are my favourites: 

Use a Sprint to Win a New Customer

Project Sprints - How They Help Get Things Done

How to Ride a Wave

How to Transform Ideas into Innovations

Creative Tactics for Brilliant Ideas 3

Creative Tactics for Brilliant Ideas 2

Creative Tactics for Brilliant Ideas 1

Get Fit and Sell More

Oh No! Voicemail - What do you Say?

The Easiest Cold Call

Simple Steps to Set Up a Cold Outreach System

Set Up a Sales Prospecting System

Even the MOst Driven Person Needs Downtime

Reasons for Questions Offered by Yesterday's Commenters

What Motivates a Question?

Can Questions Cause People to Think Particular Thoughts?

When You Hear or Read a Question . . .

What Do You Do to Protect Your Health?

How to Improve Forecast Accuracy 5 - Confidence

How to Improve Forecast Accuracy 4 - Qualification Checklist

How to Improve Forecast Accuracy 3 - Stage Percentage

How to Improve Forecast Accuracy 2 - Process Alignment

How to Improve Forecast Accuracy 1 - The Buying Process

Is Sales Forecasting an Art or a Science?

How Agility Addresses Ambiguity (VUCA)

How Understanding Supersedes Uncertainty (VUCA)

How Vision Mitigates Volatility (VUCA)

Is Your World VUCA - Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous?

Forced Learning - Can it Work?

What are the Best Things to Say in a Sales Letter?

Set Yourself Apart With a Sales Letter

Shocking B2B Sales Statistics

What is the Best Way to Find New Customers?

Do you get sales approaches that are off the mark?

How Do You Feel About Cold Calling?

Two Types of Business Pain

Story Lessons from 'Save The Cat' by Blake Snyder

Create Compelling 25-word Sales Stories

Never Make a Point Without Telling a Story

Never Tell a Story Without Making a Point

Do You Tell a Good Story?

What is Your One Thing?

As Stephen Covey Put it, "Put First Things First"

How to Get Out of Crisis Mode

Why Do Things Always Take Longer than You Think they Will?

How to Reduce the Cost of Selling

Is Your Cost of Selling Rising?

How Do You Start a Conversation With a Sales Suspect?

Unpacking Confidence

If You Had Bread to Sell and a List of Hungry People

A Story to End the Week

Predicting the Future

Can You Exercise Free Will?

Aristotle's Pillars of Persuasion

How to Persuade - Ethos

How Do You Persuade

Having Candid Conversations

How to Loosen Your Load

Do You Keep Track of Contact Events?

What Sayings and Principles Guide You?

How Do Your Customers Buy?

How is What You Sell, Different?

Do You Look People Up Before You Meet or Speak?

What Goes On Inside the Minds of Senior Executives?

Do You Use Google Alerts?

Do You Think that You Should be Selling More?

How to Overcome Your Greatest Sales Challenge

How to Use Strategy in Any Competitive Scenario

How to Test a Strategy

How Do You Use the Term, Strategy?

How Consultants, Experts, and Trainers Add Value

Everything that You Want to Know, Almost

Where Can You Get a 100% Return on Investment Today?

How Good is Sales Training?

What Should Be a Salesperson'd Virtues?

What to Do in a Crisis

Types of Proof that Your Stuff Does What You Claim

How to Be Better Prepared for Recovery

How Do Customers Decide what to Buy?

Learning is a Circle

People Often Say that Motivation Doesn't Last

What are the Worst Sales Habits?

Do Any of These Business Scenarios Resonate?


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