Sales Enablement Services

Outsourcing sales enablement services to increase performance and reduce costs.

Sales Enablement Services

Do you have a sales enablement kit?

If you do, is it working?

If not, should you build a new one?

Elements of a Sales Enablement Kit:

  • Ideal prospect characterisation for each market segment addressed.

  • Quantified pre-qualification criteria

  • Customer buying persona descriptions together a list of their buying triggers.

  • Answers to the top six customer questions.

  • Proof that your offerings do what you claim.

  • Stories about successful customers. 

  • Customer interviews.

  • Current professionally written case studies.

  • Ten to fifteen distinct prospecting email/letter/voicemail templates for use in a campaign spread over several months.

  • Effective objection turnaround solutions for all anticipated objections.

  • Defined stages of the customer buying process.

  • Sales competence model defining:

    • ​The knowledge that sales people should have

    • The things that sales people should be able to do

  • Dedicated online (access anytime) sales training aligned with the competence model.

With this compendium of resources, established sales people are more effective, new sales people become productive sooner, and sales success is more predictable and manageable.

Is it time to seek outside services to create and maintain the tools, content, and resources that drive business?

Reasons for Sales Enablement

Enablement materials have an immediate effect on sales results.

A Salesforce survey indicated that sales people spend up to a third of their time looking for content to use in their work.

A published - company specific - sales competence model motivates learning and changes behaviours.

Enablement materials capture and propagate best practice. 

If you need to create, improve, or maintain sales enablement materials yet are finding it difficult to get the work done, you are not alone. Those with the necessary knowledge and skills are those best able to fill the sales pipeline and close business.

Instead of risking business to re-organise, renew, or create materials in-house, have us provide the necessary temporary resources. 

Sales enablement improves forecast accuracy, reduces staff turnover, saves hours of preparation time, reduces recruitment costs, reduces mistakes, and increases sales performance.

If you lack the time or resources to enable your salespeople, our sales enablement services can help. Telephone +44 (0)1392 851500. We will be pleased to learn about your needs or talk through some options. Alternatively Send email to for a prompt reply or use the contact form here.