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Sales Training Customer Feedback

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Inside Sales Really interesting thoughts and keys that will require personal work to implement and turn into habits. Cedric Fries - Blacktrace - August 2018

Inside Sales Great course. Thought provoking. Gave lots of ideas and skills to use in the future. Vidya Pawan Menon - Blacktrace - August 2018

Inside Sales It was good to review and learn more techniques and tools for sales purposes. Clive is very knowledgeable on the subjects, very polite and friendly which was motivational for us. Leandro Nogueira - Blacktrace - August 2018

Business Development Management I felt I have a good grounding to take things forward and am better prepared to do so. Julie Croysdale - Blatchford - September 2013

Business Development Management Excellent course. Will require implementation of changes to benefit from learnt experiences. Blatchford as a Company would benefit from this course being re run with attendees invited to participate from other areas within the business. Continual use and self assessment/re assessment plus more training will benefit the organisation. Carl Elliott - Blatchford - September 2013

Business Development Management Very much helped to clarify my thoughts and added structure to my business development moving forward. Also crystallized my next actions. Feel more positive as to future contributions I can make. Mark Ledger - Blatchford - September 2013

Building a Professional Sales Career I'm just starting my sales career so I didn't have any proper sales experience before. This course gave me all the knowledge and techniques I need to become a successful salesman and what's more important it gave me an understanding of what I am doing. Thank you. Vitalii Manchuk - Delcam - August 2013

Building a Professional Sales Career I found the course extremely interesting. Some areas a little deep but with no sales experience I expected this. Overall I have a much better understanding of the sales process and the factors effecting it. Stuart Lock - Delcam - August 2013

Mastering Negotiation Very constructive and clear. Great role plays. This will help me drive improved sales excellence, improve our bottom line, and help build a stronger sales team. Martin Metcalf - Basis Technologies - July 2013

Mastering Negotiation Excellent - good useful tips. Useful frameworks. Will make use of anti-ploy techniques and business governance. Karl Lamb - Basis Technologies - July 2013

Business by Phone Clive was very enthusiastic, experienced, and approachable. He was very patient and prepared to spend additional time on elements that I found harder to grasp. He was excellent at tailoring the material to apply to our industry and way of working. Emily McIntosh - Morgan Lovell - June 2013

Business by Phone A lot of info and advice that should be common sense but is invaluable when you learn it. Kashif Javaid - Morgan Lovell - July 2013

Business Development Management Have come away with greater confidence that I will be able to gain contact/meetings with the correct people to develop my business. Jennie Vickery - Mac-gas - June 2013

Business Development Management Good course, I am now clearer on what what BD is all about and have learnt some new skills and methodology that I can put into practice. Simon Read - APD - June 2013

Business Development Management A great deal of information conveyed in understandable form - a window into a complex process made accessible. Graham Jerome - Kerstan - June 2013

Selling through Partners As a technical worker, I was very surprised how much I could incorporate into my role. Not only to improve my performance but also to assist in sales indirectly. Mark Dodd - Windtronics - April 2012

Advanced Sales Management Very useful in terms of understanding your team members, coaching, motivating, and planning. Nayif Al Alawi - Zain Bahrain - April 2012

Advanced Sales Management Nice slides, good elaboration, loved the exercises, would like to do more, helpful assessments, so much material. Hisham Abu Alfateh - Zain Bahrain - April 2012

Selling Consulting Services Clear and steady progress through a sales learning experience that covered both basic and advanced skills. Brilliant for myself and less experience colleague. Relaxed atmosphere with an emphasis on learning and trying new methods. Patrick Fidgen - Fursty Group - March 2012

Selling Consulting Services A real eye opener on alternative selling consultancy techniques. Andrew Bennett - Fursty Group - March 2012

Retail Account Management It's highlighted an important need to overcome issues with target figures . . knowing what I need to achieve and identifying the potential shortfall. Kirsty Heeler - Synovate - March 2012

Retail Account Management It's highlighted an important need to overcome issues with target figures . . knowing what I need to achieve and identifying the potential shortfall. Kirsty Heeler - Synovate - March 2012

Selling through Partners Excellent trainer. Knowledge was extensive. Clive was very incisive and focussed with an easy and relaxed manner. Fiona McCormick - Abbyy - November 2011

Selling Consulting Services An eye opener. Created a good perspective. Neil Harris - Atkins Global - August 2011

Selling Consulting Services Very useful in gaining a structured approach to business development that I feel will provide a useful tool kit for the future. Margo Howard - Atkins Global - August 2011

Selling Consulting Services This course really highlighted that we do not really have clarity on who we are targeting and what we are selling. The course will aid us in pinning down a formal sales process and broadcasting a targeted message. Kashif Aziz - Atkins Global - August 2011

Advanced Sales Management Helpful to sort out thought, identifying areas for improvement. Provided many tools to use for the team to excel. Good discussions and round table. Good level of homework between sessions. Petter Ekham - Aquilex - July 2011

Advanced Sales Management Excellent content and practical exercises to reinforce training points. Brian Gwyther - Sharpsmart - July 2011

Selling Consulting Services Thoroughly enjoyable and worthwhile course. Really enjoyed all the discussions and anecdotes from participants and Clive on each topic. Adam Parkinson - Helios - June 2011

Selling Consulting Services An enjoyable and reasonably stress free course. I enjoyed the honest approach. Thank you, I have taken a lot from the last two days. Stuart Pert - Flomatik - June 2011

Selling Consulting Services Well paced, relaxed environment that aided learning. Good group size so felt part of the course and was able to contribute. Enjoyable and valuable. Clarified all grey/previously unclear thoughts about selling services and has given to previous working practise and some assumptions. Matt Harrison - Flomatik - June 2011

Selling Consulting Services Relevant and useful content well delivered. Ian Hodgson - Critical Software - June 2011

Selling Consulting Services Provide exactly the explanation that I was after and I feel will help me with the sales process. It just needs more concerted practice now to develop further. Philip Church - Helios - June 2011

Selling Consulting Services Wasn't sure what I was going to learn before starting the course; however, it has proved invaluable and has provided practical solutions to real life problems that I will use and develop. Thank you. Alan Corner - Helios - March 2011

Selling Consulting Services Very useful course, a number of useful techniques and methods were presented. It will require a lot of further self training and discipline to learn them and become good in them, but it's worth the effort! One of the best training courses I've attended so far. Daniel Kominak - Helios - March 2011

Selling Consulting Services This course was very good and well run. I am in no doubt I understand more about the process and the tools used to help make decisions. The presenter was excellent and it was good to get someone's experience selling aside of Helios. Mark Scott - Helios - March 2011

Selling Consulting Services Very good course in terms of meeting the objectives set in the pre course questionnaire; providing practical techniques for a wide range of areas in which I've experienced difficulties in the past; not talking about solutions; qualifying bids in a quantified way; and techniques to fully identify customer requirements. Thanks very much. Kevin Tucker - Helios - March 2011

Selling Consulting Services Excellent. Tougher on day 2. Lots to digest and work on. Barbara Bell - University of London Fashion Arts - March 2011

Selling Consulting Services Thought provoking. Great coaching. Brought out principles lost in sub-conscience. Great experience and mix on the course. Certainly confirmed the decision process to be in the consultancy business. Motivational and focused. Key topics well covered. Andy Sowden - Windtronics - December 2010

Selling Consulting Services Good course with good, like minded people. Am glad to have participated. Steve Slater - Flomatic - December 2010

Sales Foundation Good course and content with very good structure. I gained some useful tools that I need to use regularly. The content being spread over four weeks was especially valuable. Maxi Sauer - Integralis - November 2010

Sales Foundation Really enjoyable course. Informative, clear, and concise. Andy Green - Streamline Computing - November 2010

Sales Foundation I've put 'Sense of achievement and progress' as '4' instead of '5' because I feel I need a lot of practice before I judge my progress to be excellent! The course has given me a lot of groundwork to practice and a lot to think about. Spreading the days over four weeks was a good way to do it. Sian Humphreys - Delcam - November 2010

Selling for Consultants Interesting course. Feel much more confident going into sales meetings now. The top six questions were particularly useful. Time Murray - Newton Europe - November 2010

Selling for Consultants Very good - one particularly useful part that directly applies to my current project. Peter Budge - Newton Europe - November 2010

High Value Selling I enjoyed the course and experience Clive brought along to help me understand the overall programme and subject matter. Ian Knight - Arinc - October 2010

High Value Selling I enjoyed the course and experience Clive brought along to help me understand the overall programme and subject matter. Ian Knight - Arinc - October 2010

Adopting a Consultative Sales Approach Open to real needs of the client. Coming to a mutual consensus on pain points to be addressed in the workshop. Very engaging and a great ending on personality that resonated with the group. Martin Zalewski - London Business School - July 2010

Adopting a Consultative Sales Approach Very good day - thought provoking. Plenty of things to try and work on, particularly qualifying leads. Very knowledgeable presenter. Tim Pearson - London Business School - July 2010

Adopting a Consultative Sales Approach We covered quite a lot of stuff and different subject areas in a short space of time. I remained interested all day - which is good and rare for a training day. David Ratcliffe - London Business School - July 2010

Adopting a Consultative Sales Approach Very thought provoking. Introduced a lot of subtle but very applicable techniques that I will definitely start to use. Very productive day Katie Coates - London Business School - July 2010

Selling through Partners Very informative. Excellent tools and 'how to do's' that I will use. Kevin Ellis - FLIR - July 2010

Selling through Partners Very useful and worthwhile. Exactly what I needed to progress with managing my existing and future distributors more effectively. Steve Beynon - FLIR - July 2010

Selling through Partners A well structured learning experience with specific, measurable actions. Informative and enjoyable. Chloe Holt - Diamond Resorts - July 2010

Selling Consulting Services A great overall course. I'm leaving with lots of actions for my sales role. Would have liked more opportunity for practice of the CLEAR method as this really looks a good process to work to. Great course - thanks. Deborah Casey - CMP Resolutions - June 2010

Selling Consulting Services Very practical reinforcement of theory. Very deep subject and I'd like to explore more when I have time. I'll re read the material. Good support from the web site (excellent). Roger Long - Oxford Projects - June 2010

Selling Consulting Services A good blend of practical + study. Useful debate. Lots of lively discussion + teasing out of issues. Good approach to the whole topic + very informative. Well read with real world experience in abundance. Ben Allwright - Flomatik - June 2010

Selling Consulting Services I found the course very interesting. Clive's knowledge of the subject was very impressive with a good set of examples to support his messages. I have certainly developed a good understanding of the process through which to become effective at sales however, the practice will take longer. The role play exercises were welcome and if anything, I would have liked to have a few more directly with Clive. Overall very good. Many thanks. Steve Leighton - Helois - June 2010

Selling Consulting Services I should have come on the course before we hired our sales person. Chris Riordan - Ecom90 - June 2010

Selling for Consultants I have gained more insight into selling in this 8 hour workshop than I have in 3 years of selling work on site. Andrew Creamer - Newton Europe - April 2010

Selling for Consultants Very useful. Can see how these techniques apply not just to traditional sales meetings but many times on site when you're trying to persuade someone to do it your way. Perran Pengelly - Newton Europe - April 2010

Selling for Consultants Fantastic content. Clear, concise, and relevant. Good understanding of our work and industry. Made the course specific to our needs. Nick Barlow - Newton Europe - April 2010

Sales Foundation Great learning experience. Simulation exercises and group work helped a lot. Useful reference material. Rachana Bhonsle - Tata Telecommunications - March 2010

Sales Foundation Very good content. Renewed current techniques and added new ideas and methods. Paul Heath - The Powerbox Group - March 2010

Sales Foundation I have really enjoyed the course and hope start putting things into practice. Definitely feel I have learnt lots - just need to work on implementation. Stephanie Marshall - Adept Scientific - March 2010

Selling Consulting Services Memory jerking. Eye opening. Steve Hampton - UPS - March 2010

Selling Consulting Services Great content, pace, and delivery. Would recommend to anyone selling services. Peter Jones - J2 Interactive - March 2010

Selling Consulting Services Very useful insight into selling a service compared to a product. Excellent role plays which enable you to put what you have discussed into practice. Enjoyed talking around customer objections and how best to counter them. Andrew O'Neill - Base Plus - March 2010

Speaking on your Feet This was excellent, the presenter (Clive) was great at explaining, adapting stories to help you understand and at no point was I tired, bored or feeling it was irrelevant. A brilliant course. Alexis Bigwood - Quintiles - Aug 09

Speaking on your Feet Clive's Logical and thorough approach helps to examine each of the building blocks of a powerful presentation and provides practical ways to combine them into everyday working life. Matt Quinn - Altius Consulting - Aug 09

Speaking on your Feet Excellent overview of skills needed to enhance public speaking. Really enjoyed the opportunity to perform presentations. It wasn't as nerve wracking as I thought it would be. A very informative, fun, and useful course. Ian Jones - Medley - Aug 09

Sales Foundation Very useful sales course. Not just run of the mill sales techniques. Very interactive – lots of role plays etc which help to re-enforce the material. Particularly good was the sessions on sales negotiations, psychology of persuasion and influencing, handling fob offs and QQA as a different qualification tool to MEDDICC – possibly easier to use! Overall the best sales course I have attended and would recommend to my colleagues. Koon-Kau Man - Integralis - June 09

Sales Foundation Very practical and hands-on. Liked the fact it has been spread out over a number of weeks. Clive came across as diligent, supportive and demonstrated a very good understanding of the issues I am facing on a daily basis. His suggestions have not only been taken onboard, I am actually already using them. Roger van der Linde - Integralis - June 09

Sales Foundation Course was very interesting, and covered a full range of aspect related to selling. The timescale was perfect with the break of a week between courses. It was a good sized group. The coach was very good. Many thanks Clive. Adam Razzak - Centerprise - June 09

Selling in a Downturn Motivational and informative. I feel I have a good platform to develop my sales skills and make a difference to my results. Annie Gilliatt - Cory Environmental - Mar 09

Selling in a Downturn It did what it said on the tin. I would recommend this course for sales people selling complex products and systems whether in a downturn or not. The ROI and selling process sections were especially useful. Colin Whitehead - Certus - Mar 09

Selling in a Downturn Very useful course. Some familiar content. The QQA part was worth the fees on its own. David Lee - Esteem - Mar 09

Selling Consulting Services Very informative and thought provoking. Peter Roberts - Mouchel - Mar 09

Selling Consulting Service Excellent, well presented. Learnt some valuable ideas to use in my work. Andy Janicki - Mouchel - Mar 09

Selling in a Downturn I found the course very useful in terms of implementation of new ideas but also as an indicator of my own knowledge base. Lots of interesting ideas to take back to the business - e.g. - qualification in a quantifiable way and effective voicemail messages. Puja Dusad - The IT Job Board - Feb 09

Selling in a Downturn Very well presented in a two day course. Good value. Neil Stephenson - Gallus Group - Feb 09

Selling in a Downturn Thanks Clive, really enjoyed the course and found it of great use . . . lots of thought to convert into reality. David Morrow - Integralis - Feb 09

Selling in a Downturn I really enjoyed how it was very pin-pointed to concrete examples, was easy to relate this to my own position. It was also interesting to meet different people and hear their experiences and thoughts around the topics we went through. Kristine Larson - Ceetron - Feb 09

Selling in a Downturn Excellent material and superbly presented. Will be beneficial in my sales activities moving forward. David Risk - Integralis - Feb 09

Mastering Negotiation I especially liked the use of hands on role play exercises. They added to the realism. Amir Hayat - Toshiba - Feb 09

Mastering Negotiation Good course with lots of interactivity and breakout sessions. PowerPoint was in small chunks which kept the momentum going throughout the course. David Flintoft - Toshiba - Feb 09

Mastering Negotiation Enjoyable course allowing me to understand my strengths and weaknesses as a negotiator. Matt James - Toshiba - Feb 09

Managing for Sales Performance Very practical - will be of use immediately. Very good approach to personalities and the potential effect on motivation. Christian Collet - Hach Lange - Feb 09

Managing for Sales Performance Very interesting experience. Well laid out and highly efficient programme. Great learning experience. Michael Maher - Hach Lange - Feb 09

Selling in a Downturn Acted as a great catalyst for positive change. ROI is king when things get tight. Steve Fletcher - Cadtek - Jan 09

Selling in a Downturn A great way to reiterate many of the points we should know but often forget to put into action. Dave Gosling - Cadtek - Jan 09

Business Development Really interesting. Full of insight and I feel I have some things of value to take away and use in real life situations. Kevin Dowing - Blatchford Products - Nov 08

Business Development Clear, informative, good advice and skills from Clive. I know feel I am more equipped to improve in this area of my job. Debbie Peebles - Blatchford Products - Nov 08

Business Development Very informative and easy to follow. Clive gave good advice on ways to turn sales situations around. Laura Ritchie - Blatchford Products - Nov 08

Business Development Very useful. Covered a wider than expected range of topics. Clive is great. Adrian Cunliffe - Newton Industrial Consultants - Oct 08

Business Development Helped to put the science around intuitive things and learn some completely new techniques. Enjoyed the day, thank you. John Darcy - Newton Industrial Consultants - Oct 08

Business Development Good structure and content. Examples, techniques, and phrases were most useful. Paul Harvey - Newton Industrial Consultants - Oct 08

Speaking on your Feet Thanks, had a great time. Useful information, well presented. Easy passage from beginning to end. Thank you. Don Meek - Geosoft - Oct 08

Speaking on your Feet The experience and integrity of the programme leader, John Bycroft, ensured a positive outcome for all. Everyone showed excellent degrees of improvement over just two days. We shared a sense of great satisfaction, increased team spirit, and greater self confidence. Overall, very effective and enjoyable. Andrew Long - Geosoft - Oct 08

Speaking on your Feet Very informative and delivered convincingly. I strongly advise everyone to take this course at the first opportunity. I learnt so much over the two days. Matt Grove - Geosoft - Oct 08

Mastering Negotiation Enjoyed it. Looking forward to using some of the techniques learned. Should really help in certain situations. Gethin Davies - Cadtek - Sept 08

Mastering Negotiation I have attended SalesSense training before. People say you cant teach an old dog new tricks. Not true in my opinion. This was an excellent way to spend 2 days reaffirming what we should be doing on a basis. David Gosling - Cadtek - Sept 08

Mastering Negotiation I think the efforts that Clive put into our case study were what really made the course and it was appreciated. Gary Howe - Cadtek - Sept 08

Mastering Negotiation Another great course Clive, a good mix of examples, role plays and facts. The tailored example was very good and your confidence to adapt and answer the questions we get from the field. Stuart Wortley - Cadtek - Sept 08

Selling by Telephone I thought the course was very good. Clive Miller is very experienced in telesales and was very well prepared. I felt it was easy to discuss the problems I had been having with cold calling and he had a lot of creative ideas that are going to be very helpful and motivating for the future. Philip Corless - Data Capture - Sept 08

Selling by Telephone I really enjoyed this course. The cohesive progression through the call script was comprehensive and enlightening Andrew Fresen - Data Capture - Sept 08

Selling by Telephone I enjoyed this course as it has re introduced many aspects of previous training that I had forgotten. Clive has a wonderful manner and it is very obvious that he is passionate about helping others within the sales arena. The course was descriptive and easy to follow with plenty of interaction and opportunity for questions. John McCutcheon - Data Capture - Sept 08

Selling through Partners A good insight into business relationships from many angles I haven't experienced - excellent! Mark Lamont - Acal Networks - 2007

Selling Consulting Services A very well structured course, logically sequenced. Some really useful objection handling tips that were worth the price of the course on their own. Thanks Clive!!! Dennis Shepherd - Shepherd Charles Ltd - 2007

Selling Consulting Services Very fulfilling and eye-opening.....but difficult! Underlined importance of treating sales as a process. Some very pragmatic and practical tools and much material to work with and review regularly. Daniel Fisher - Cambiel Consulting Ltd - 2007

Selling through Partners Again, an excellent course from SalesSense! Not only can I guarantee financial gain, I can now build an excellent Lego tower. Oliver Cowell - Data Capture Solutions Ltd - 2007

Sales Foundation I found the course to be very well presented, and Clive clearly knows stuff inside and out. I found it quite challenging. Being new to sales, there were many aspects, techniques etc. very new to me - but I think that this is a sign of a good course. Duncan Austin - Bfi Optilas - 2007

Sales Foundation The course is a real eye opener, good at pointing out issues and factors that may be missed/taken for granted and teaching how we can use this to our advantage. Dan Barlow - Bfi Optilas - 2007

Selling Consulting Services Good stimulus. Thought provoking and, hopefully, action provoking too! Steve Kendall - Oxford Projects - 2007

Enterprise Selling I am certain that I will be able to use the knowledge that that the course has offered. Noora el Guennouni - Infospace - 2007

Advanced Account Management Good combination of presentations and exercises helped to promote understanding and maintain focus. Nick Scarff - Data Capture Solutions Ltd - 2006

Advanced Account Management Excellent - totally needed. Exactly on the money! Oliver Cowell - Data Capture Solutions Ltd - 2006

Enterprise Selling Highly helpful to reflect and improve key project sales. The tools from the class can be applied to improve the efficiency of planning and winning. Bob Bao - Motorola, China - 2006

Enterprise Selling This is a 'just in time' course for improving our daily sales activities. The techniques taught are easy to understand and to apply in reality. This is a great course Haitao Gao - Motorola, China - 2006

Mastering Negotiation I was afraid the course would be a waste of my time but found it enlightening and useful. John Gammans - Mouchel Parkman - 2006

Mastering Negotiation Very good, balanced, plenty of time to offer experience and learning points. Phil Stephenson - Mouchel Parkman - 2006

Sell by Telephone It was excellent! Very helpful indeed. Sarah Todd - PYV - 2006

Sell by Telephone Very good. Interesting, useful and well presented. Matthew Huntly - PYV - 2006

Sell by Telephone Very useful. The coach's experience and style was extremely informative and productive. Balraj Virdi - PYV - 2006

Persuasive Interpersonal Communication Excellent two days. Felt relaxed and comfortable with the whole experience. Feet that I can go out and be more confident in what I do. Sarah Bowers - Blatchford - 2006

Selling Consulting Services I thought the course would be intimidating for someone from a non-sales background. It wasn't! I found it very useful and will apply it to my account plans when I get back to the office. Jonathan Newman - Wellcom - 2006

Persuasive Interpersonal Communication Content was excellent. Participants were allowed to go away from the point yet be brought back to the course content with minimal delay and gentle direction. Joe McCarthy - Blatchford - 2006

Persuasive Interpersonal Communication Very enjoyable with a good size group. Very helpful for what I now do at work. 
Interesting content. Never felt bored Alastair Ward - Blatchford - 2006

Sales Master Class Stimulating, interesting. An excellent refresher. Rose Evans - Akibia - 2005

Selling Consulting Services Sensible, practical, human, effective, supportive. Cliff Edwards - Realise - 2005

Selling Through Partners I enjoyed this training very much. Not only did it provide me with practical tools to improve my working behaviour/ team and management skills but it gave me the opportunity to step back and refocus on my priorities in an enjoyable way. Nathalie Neusius - Dassault - FR  - 2005

Persuasive Interpersonal Communication Very informative, with new information presented in an interesting manner but also with older knowledge re-iterated and expanded upon. John Ross - Blatchford - 2005

Persuasive Interpersonal Communication I found the course not only informative and beneficial but also very entertaining and informal. Terry Taberner - Blatchford - 2005

Persuasive Interpersonal Communication The course was different to what I was expecting. I thought it would be 'sales talk', forecasting etc. Thankfully it wasn't! Very enjoyable and educational. Beth Pitlairn - Blatchford - 2005

Mastering Negotiation Enjoyed the course. Learnt new information whilst reinforcing known. I also enjoyed the interaction with people from other companies. Clifford Ashwin - BT Internet - 2005

Mastering Negotiation Very interesting for a technical pre-sales person like myself. Gives me an idea of different sales situations I could run into. Stefan Danneels - USR - 2005

Mastering Negotiation The day was packed with information. Many useful tips and tricks were honed and practiced. Another valuable day with Clive. Phillip Gill - Pathtrace - 2005

Managing for Sales Performance Very useful course. Good insight into sales management. A lot of food for thought. John Woodward - NCE Europe - 2004

Managing for Sales Performance The course covered all the areas we requested and injected a lot of new thoughts into the way we manage and sell. Jim Raven - NCE Europe - 2004

Selling Consulting Services It was a really useful reality check given that after years you end up with a stack of things learnt but no longer put into practice. A good investment of time on my birthday!! Deborah Wylie - Robertson Cooper - 2004

Selling Consulting Services Excellent one day course. A lot of very useful information, some of it previously known but a lot that I've never touched on before. Good mix of high level and medium level detail. Heather Peters - Robertson Cooper - 2004

Selling Consulting Services Even if I'd left after the first half hour, then the course would have given me my money's worth. Excellent course, it has given me so many ideas to try and has given me insight into the sales proposal I am currently working on. Gary Ford - Futuri - 2004

Sell more Callers Thank you for an excellent course!
The course material was very interesting and the opportunity to interact gave me the opportunity to express my views and questions in confidence. I will be able to use the information in a practical sense which is what I came to achieve. Genene Van Rensburg - Allchem - 2003

Sell more Callers The course was run with a high degree of professionalism and enough humour to ensure everyone felt at ease with the programme leader. The course was very informative and brought to my attention the skills which I need to work on and also skills which I naturally use. This is definitely a course I would recommend to others Rebecca McSporran - Allchem - 2003

Sales Master Class One of the most useful and constructive 3 days in my life, the time has flown by and I feel I have greatly benefited. Thank you Joe Chambers - Qivan systems - 2003

Sales Master Class Good mix of content, well structured and well paced. Stuart Drakard - Toyota - 2003

Sales Master Class The three days were long and it was hard work at times, however very rewarding with the right balance of interactive input. Good group size with quality training. Stuart Barber - Toyota - 2003

Sales Master Class I found the course to be very informative and will help with developing my sales career. Ronnie Romano - Fabricom - 2003

Enterprise Selling Thoroughly enjoyed the course. I look forward to the increased success as a result of implementing the learning. Graham Smith - Elyzium - 2003

Persuasive Interpersonal Communication Another excellent course. A thoroughly enjoyable day! Neil Clark - T2 - 2003

Selling Consulting Services Excellent notes. Good interaction. I felt involved throughout. Chris Scanlon - 2003

Public Sector Sales An extremely enlightening learning experience. Really useful and clarified many things. Tony Bellis - 3M

Sell by Telephone Helped to clarify the process. I will be able to implement the 'fob off' turnaround better. This was an area of weakness that I didn't realise I had!! Neil Maidman - T2 - 2003

Selling Consulting Services Highlighted areas I need to develop from a skills perspective and also provided a good degree of reassurance that I have been doing 80% of things right despite 'flying by the seat of my pants!' I hope the remaining 20% will be the deciding factor in my success! Andrej Vaughan - Eutilia - 2002

Public Sector Sales Got a huge amount out of this course which is practical and will be applied Debasish Sen - MIR Global - 2002

Selling Consulting Services Good overall experience. Helped me to identify past mistakes and to set myself objectives going forward. Tom Humphrey - 2002

Managing for Sales Performance A good full 2 days. Good mix of practical and academic elements. Gavin Sadler - Savantor - 2002

Managing for Sales Performance Well structured course. Good size. Cemented my existing experience. Mike Pringle - Martek Marine - 2002

Public Sector Sales Have gained a very good insight into understanding how the public sector is structured and the decision making process. Gained useful reference material and learnt how to increase chances of bid success. Tanya Passi - NTL

Forecast Less - Sell More A good eye opener into the realities of the sales process and size of pipeline needed to succeed. Should be mandatory for all trainees. Ray Hill - Fordway - 2002

Sales Master Class This course has not only taught me new skills in listening, objection handling, closing and negotiation but also corrected me and strengthened me in some sales techniques already used. For example, questioning, planning for meetings and recognising early those key target accounts. Alistair Jeffcoat - Craftec - 2002

Enterprise Selling An excellent mix of practical exercises and theory. Good examples for clarity, good pace and very good use of interpolation from the tutor. Hazel Perella - Elyzium - 2002

Forecast Less - Sell More Very informative. Opened my eyes to a lot more then I already knew. Productive. Parminder Toor - Fordway - 2002

Sell by Telephone I thought the course was very good in terms of understanding how to make a telephone sales call. Having no experience prior to my existing job, I felt that I came away from the course well briefed. Duncan Jones

Selling Consulting Services Good refresher on some key elements for me. Biggest added value was the internal debate and actions it generated plus building the need to address key corporate elements. Gavin Sadler - Savantor - 2002

Selling Consulting Services Good clear session. Interactive and involved all of the team. Clive has a very good style of coaching. Doug Touson

Sales Master Class I really enjoyed the course and felt that I took away a great deal that is going to help in the future. All I need to do now is to start to change the way I work! I would recommend the course to anyone who wishes to move forward within business to business sales, as I believe its broad base will allow many items to be effective for a wide range of needs and experiences. Tim Roe - E-RM

Speaking on your Feet  I have found the course invaluable. Even if you do not have a position in which you make presentations, the course will give you valuable material and confidence to progress your career.  Jonathan Kearns 

Speaking on your Feet Constructive, structured and very entertaining. Extremely worthwhile experience. I learnt a lot. Stuart Clark

Selling through Resellers I found this course interesting and useful and found Clive to be very helpful. He explained things very well and clearly. Very enjoyable. Rachel Hamlett

Selling through Resellers Some really good exercises that can be used in my environment. Have a much greater understanding of certain issues now. Chris Wallace

Selling through Resellers The course identified a number of key issues that we and our resellers face jointly. more importantly, it gave us a number of ideas and tools by which we both can grow our business opportunities. Michael Smyth - GretaMacbeth

Speaking on your Feet Greatly increased my confidence in my ability to speak in public. Ruth Joiner

Speaking on your Feet A very useful and thought provoking course which instilled more confidence in all the participants. Very good. Stuart Harrington

Selling by Telephone Just thought I'd drop you a line to say thanks for the last few days training. I found it really helpful and am spending some time this afternoon preparing some strategies to help with the cold-calling. Thought you'd like to know that, though it wasn't specifically a cold call, more a warm one, I turned around an 'I'm too busy' rejection and secured an appointment this morning! Who says training never works?! Stacy Woodman - Akibia

Sales Master Class Certainly made me think about how we currently carry out the sales role and where we should be heading. Tony Worsfold

Sales Master Class Thank you for an excellent programme. I am positive that the additional skills I have acquired will contribute greatly to all future sales success. Peter McManus - Newmarket Int.

Sales Master Class Very enjoyable and motivating course. I thoroughly enjoyed David's style of teaching. It provoked useful class discussions. I look forward to putting the things learnt into practice. Joanna Watts

Selling through Resellers Very interesting and informative, particularly the focus on what's important, the importance of asking questions and understanding THEIR goals and objectives. Wendy Hicking - I2

Selling through Resellers A very useful course that will change my approach to my everyday tasks. Thanks again for a very enjoyable few days. Richard Wylie

Selling Through Resellers A very good package of tools enabling me to be more efficient and hopefully more successful in developing and managing my region.  Per Bergbom - Hand Held Products

Selling Through Resellers I learned far more than I first anticipated and have managed to practice the methods with the QQA with positive results. Andrew Donn - Hand Held Products

Selling Through Resellers I found the workshops very good as they were very much related to our job and very practical. The course also gave us a lot of ideas on how to create our job as internal account managers. Thijs Van der Hoist - Hand Held Products

Selling Through Resellers Excellent course. Made me think about things so differently in many areas. A lot of common sense mixed with lateral thoughts and questions. Great experience. Hannah Reece - Hand Held Products

Selling by Telephone The course was conducted at a good pace with a good mix of theory and practical exercises. I am sure it will be of value to us when I return to my job Eve Banner

Selling by Telephone David made the course enjoyable and easy to understand, which made it easy to learn and take on board new ways of selling over the phone. Richard Wakefield

Selling by Telephone Interesting subject matter which was well presented by an excellent programme leader with great knowledge and enthusiasm Gareth Davies

Speaking On Your Feet Fantastic course which everyone should do. I know I benefited from it. Mark Benson

Managing for Sales Performance Great experience. Certainly felt that I got what I wanted. Martin West - Elyzium

Managing for Sales Performance This course gave me a better understanding on how to manage and motivate a sales team and to accurately qualify pipeline and forecast. Dave Sirett - Elyzium

Managing for Sales Performance I have been on courses and read books which are either formalised common sense or confirm what I already know. On this course I learned some genuinely new and useful skills which I believe will help me be more successful. Wayne Collins - Cimage

Managing for Sales Performance As a newly promoted sales manager I found this course very useful particularly the topics that covered personnel development, on-going reviews with sales people, and how to help them plan and forecast accurately. It was also extremely useful to exchange experiences and ideas with fellow sales managers from other companies. Mike Rae - Avanquest Communicate

Sales Master Class Excellent course! I was expecting a lot less than I gained from this course. Excellent refresher and some good new techniques to try out. Jonathan Dunne

Mastering Negotiation Well structured and enjoyable course. Pace was just right. The role play exercise written for us was very realistic and helped to flush out the big issues. Course tutor was excellent. Peter Clark - Q-Park

Speaking on your Feet Really enjoyed it! Felt much more relaxed at the end of the day and completely different towards presenting after the course. Sarah Odlin - Esteem

Selling through Resellers Excellent course, very valuable information - just looking forward to reaping the rewards when I put everything I have learned into practice! Kelly Sachse

Sales Master Class Brilliant course and delivery. The tools and ideas allow for good structure, planning and measurement of achievements. John Alexander

Speaking on your Feet Just wanted you to know I really enjoyed and learnt so much from the presentation course last Wednesday and Thursday. Already using the ideas for a presentation next year. Thank you. Amish Patel - Quintiles

Mastering Negotiation I found the 2 day negotiation course extremely useful. The presentation, course content, information pack and role-play sessions were all excellent. It was fascinating to clearly see all the ploys and tactics and of course the need for accurate planning. I have since used my new found skills to great effect having just successfully completed 2 major contractual sales to the joint value of more than £0.5 million. I would recommend the course to anyone who has to deal with purchasing professionals in any type of market. Many thanks again. Mark Richards - Fischer Connectors

Selling Through Resellers Comprehensive slice, covering key elements of cold calling. I will implement a better script and look more closely and feature/benefit set of our product. Phil Croxford - US Robotics

Sales Master Class Excellent course run by a very knowledgeable tutor. Twenty years in sales and I still came away from the course with more sales tools for my kit bag. Ian Lawrence

Selling Consulting and Services Just wanted to say thank you again, the coarse was extremely helpful and will definitely come back in the future. Sam Husbands

Selling Through Resellers Thank you for this. I actually have your course on my desk right now and I am using the QQA and the Development Plan in my preparation for my disti meetings in Athens and Larnaca next week.Regards from Moscow Christiane Guyssens

Public Sector Sales Experience is something you don't have until just after you needed it. This course and the experience of Andy Haigh helped gain the experience in advance. Phil Sorrell

Sales Master Class Overall, a well organised, insightful and extremely productive course. Relevant course material full of rules that can be taken straight into practice. All handled expertly by a fantastic tutor. Paul Burton

Selling By Telephone I wanted to drop you a line to say thank you for the course 'Selling by Telephone' the other week. I still have a way to go before I feel totally at ease with telesales, but I’m getting there. I have been working out my ratio’s and seeing the improvement since I first started. I’m starting to feel a lot more confident on the phone, I don’t always wait until the office is noisy or people have left, although sometimes I still do, but I feel like I’ve turned a corner and learnt so much. Thanks again. Annie Hawkins - E-RM

Sales Master Class Well presented course with plenty of information. Excellent all round. Ayan Mitra

Public Sector Sales A brilliant course. Onwards and upwards! I look forward to putting it into practice. Brendan Mead 

Speaking on your Feet  Great course. Way beyond my expectations! looking forward to my next presentation.  Will Jones

Selling by Telephone I learnt how to deal with situations that I would normally have given up on! Amy Gilsenan

Managing for Sales Performance >Excellent course. It helped me understand all the aspects of Sales Management, some of which I knew I needed to improve but didn't know how. Probal Sil - Elyzium

Selling by Telephone I'm taking away some very valuable points, that will improve my performance. John Wellstead

Managing for Sales Performanc Helped me clarify how I can make a difference. Mark Peocock - Cardiac Services

Public Sector Sales I know giving five out of five is a cop out but I really thought this was an excellent course. Gary Murphy

Customer Care Very Interesting course. It helps to understand how to put things learnt into practice. Natalie Hardy - Inter-tel

Public Sector Sales Very much enjoyed this course, very refreshing and I will put my new found skills into practice. Susan Cooper

Sales Master Class Good to be taught by a trainer with extensive high level sales experience. Thanks Stephen Hards

Public Sector Sales Excellent for understanding the official tender process John Garbett

Speaking on your Feet A highly enjoyable, well structured and informative course. Colin Radburn

Public Sector Sales An excellent and very informative course which I am sure will increase my success in the Public Sector and tendering processes. Adrian Edwards

Enterprise Selling Fast paced and relevant. Challenging for all levels of attendee experience. Good time keeping. Maintained interest and control throughout. One of the better ones James Hodges

Speaking on your Feet  An extremely well presented course that is certain to help me improve my presentation skills for me in the future. Alison Thorpe

Public Sector Sales Deeply pragmatic, very realistic. I wish I had attended this course 18 months ago! Chris George

Selling through Partners I was expecting this course to be tedious and mainly irrelevant but it wasn’t. It exceeded my expectations and I’ll try to make use of it. Nick Zywicki - Dunn & Bradstreet

Selling through Partners Motivating, precise, stimulating, intelligent justification of all processes. Very good. I enjoyed the psychology of the education as well. Mark Perry - Dunn & Bradstreet

Sell by Telephone This course has been of extreme enjoyment and benefit. I can't wait to use what I've learned on a daily basis! Salome Jouan - Imago Micro

Sales Master Class Following my attendance on your SalesSense course last week, I would just quickly like to thank you for an enjoyable 3 days. Having been selling for 11 years now, you tend to get a little complacent about sales skills. I must admit when David informed me I was to attend the course I did have some mixed feelings. I must say however, you have sparked some new ideas that I will be trying, and on the whole I found the course very very interesting. I will be reading through the course booklet every now and again just to remind myself. Mike Walker - Esteem

Motivational Speaking and Leadership Just to let you know that we very much enjoyed our course last week, which was both constructive and educational for all four of us. Derek Douglas - IRMC

Selling to OEMs Thank you for your professional handling of yesterdays` training course, which received the most positive of responses - an enjoyable & instructional day. My guys will have an early opportunity in the US, to put into practice what they learned and I will give you feedback. Don Fletcher - Diamond Multimedia

Speaking on Your Feet I was sceptical about attending another presentation course as I do a lot of presentations and thought I was quite good. Whilst I might have been 'quite good', as a result of attending I am now far better! Richard Doyle - Esteem

Selling through Partners Many thanks for two stimulating sessions with the CNT team. Every one of the guys has commented how useful they found both sessions. Neil Ferguson - CNT

Enterprise Selling I'm happy to advise that we have got the nod on Trevor's $1 million Bank of Scotland deal, and three other opportunities have made progress this week against key milestones.  Neil Ferguson - CNT

Speaking on your Feet I thought your 'speaking on your feet' course was excellent last week. It might be hard to detect in my efforts but I found the course most valuable and full of useful info'. No doubt in time it will work it's way into much improved presentations. There was much food for thought and it served my purposes well. Hugh Firth

Sales Foundation Many thanks again for such a great course, it has truly changed my entire perspective on selling and given me the confidence and tools to dive head long into securing more business for my company.
I did my first deal yesterday the client signed in front of me. Richard Leonard

Sell by Telephone Thank you for a great course today and yesterday! We all learnt a lot and enjoyed it very much! Our department is getting much closer to success and next time we meet it is reality thanks to you! Aud - Ceetron

Selling through Partners Thanks for a great couple of days. I just used some of the material with a couple of my sales guys - they got as much out of it as I did. It's going to make a positive difference in the way we work with our resellers.  Steve Sivitter - Pathtrace

Speaking on your Feet I think everyone benefited greatly from the experience. Olli has been very successful presenting his work to a large TV company, and you should see the project live in June. Patrick is currently with a very large rail company in Denmark and I'm hearing good reports. So thank you again, I think your course has made a big difference to the performances of my team. Kevin Lindon-Emms - Nokia

Speaking on your Feet As practice plays such a large part in developing presentation skills, I was a little sceptical about the value I would get from Sales Sense's course. However, I found it trod a careful path through theoretical overviews, helpful tips and practical tasks in a solid framework which left me feeling very confident about presenting in the future. Every presentation given by a participant on the course was filmed. This gave each person instant visual feedback on their strengths and weaknesses and allowed them to see how they had improved over the day. The course also tackled some of the more psychological aspects of presenting by addressing some of the reasons why people fear speaking in public. Not only did this give the participants a useful insight into the factors that trigger a nervous reaction, it also armed them with simple techniques for overcoming their nervousness. I was very surprised by how much ground was covered by the course. The practical tasks were carefully planned so that after only five presentations, I felt as though I had covered a kaleidoscope of presenting challenges. I certainly got a lot out of the course and I am reassured by the artillery of techniques that I now have to fall back on in the future. Will Golby

Presentation and Demonstration Skills Thank you for your help with our reseller conferences in Sweden and the UK. As we had not tried skills training at our reseller events before, we were a little apprehensive about the outcome but decided to try anyway. In the event your presentation skills training was extremely well received and I write to pass on very positive feedback from participants. From our perspective the training was and outstanding success. Your customisation of the course to address the particular needs of our resellers staff was most effective. The effort you made to learn about the participants was apparent to them. Many comments reflected their appreciation of training that dealt with the presentation challenges of their roles. Value was also attributed to the wider ranging topics such as creativity. Many of the ideas and methods presented are being applied in other areas. Your post course material in the form of a colourful pocket handbook has also received much praise. It makes a change to have notes in such an easily accessible form. As you can tell, we are very pleased with the training results and I will happily tell others about our experience. Nigel Killshaw

Sales Foundation Although my first training course, I found it to be very helpful and put my job in a much better perspective. Charles Read

Enjoyed the course and benefited from the time to reflect on issues and ideas that one might not normally do during everyday business activities. N. Roddick 

Excellent course. It gives me the absolute confidence that if I practice and apply what I have learnt, I could be into some very big business. Alka Shah

A very good course, allows you to really think about what you are saying, achieving and your objectives completed successfully. I would recommend this course to new and experienced sales people. Paul Craig

Very clear, well prepared training. Techniques will be used extensively everyday. Paul Garrad

I found the course to be beneficial for new ideas and skills and also to refresh old skills. Simon Sypula

Very good course. Learnt a lot and looking forward to putting it into practice. Julie Denny

Just a quick note to say thank you again. I had an in-depth conversation with an existing customer a little earlier. Nothing major, just a business in general kind of chat. I enjoyed recognising things during the conversation that I wouldn't have consciously been aware of before the Sales Sense course. I felt like a businesswoman and not like a saleswoman. You can imagine how good I felt. And the conversation ended in 4 immediate purchase orders totalling 90K ! Dawn Powell

I found the course very informative and helpful and will hopefully be able to approach prospective customers in a more confident manner and therefore try and speak to the decision maker to make an appointment rather than just trying to obtain their names and send them marketing literature. Clive gave some very useful tips on how to get around the excuses people use to try and get you off the phone without using the aggressive sales pitch. Samantha Bowley

It was good to have feedback from other people on the course and sharing of different sales approaches which work for others. I was surprised at how smoothly the teleconference format ran and that the participants actually did interact. Things I will initiate include planning the call (having two approaches depending on who I will speak to) and being more persistent. Sasha Jenson

The course was interesting and although much of the material was not new to me, it was presented very well and you always get something from a course even if it is only a reminder of what you should be doing and have probably forgotten. It would be a very good starter for new sales staff in my opinion. Neil Chapman

I just wanted to send a quick email to thank you for last week's course. I found it really helpful. I've not had chance to put it all into action as yet, as I was in Paris for most of last week, and have been on holiday this week, but will keep you posted on my progress. Helen Tubb

I'm sure the skills that I learned on the Speaking on your feet training course last week will come in very useful in my career and I am very much looking forward to my next opportunity to use them. By the end of the course I was much more confident about standing up in front of an audience and this was my main issue with presenting once again thanks. Mark Foster 

Just a note to say thank you for a very concise and constructive course. It made a lot of sense. I never got the chance to ask you to elaborate more about the statement on the last slide ' Nothing impresses like persistence ...Interesting! Roger Fletcher

Just a short line to thank you. The course was excellent and I have already put some of what I learnt from you into action. The content, I felt, was totally appropriate to my working life and I am sure it will lead to higher and better quality sales in the future. Andrew Colwell

It was not what I was expecting and that is good because the course opened my eyes up to things I had not thought of before. In my opinion it’s high level sales and it’s excellent. Steven Pipikiakis

The course covered far more than I expected it to which is excellent. My only observation is that at times we could have stayed with a topic a bit longer but this would have added another day! Neil Skinner

This course met and exceeded my needs and expectations. I feel I have learnt a new skill set and cannot wait to put it into practice. Richard Leonard

Thoroughly enjoyed the three days. Gained a great deal of new ideas and realise now that sales can be extremely challenging, but also extremely rewarding and satisfying. The course went beyond what I had hoped to get from it – thank you. Michael Bouter

Inspirational! I did not know how much I didn’t know. You have a winning formula. Shaun Baily

A lot of information to take in, but maybe that’s inevitable with this type of course. The pace was good and the instructor sympathetic to the needs of the people in the group. The instructors style was very engaging. Victoria Whelan - Esteem

A brilliant course. I must confess that I did doubt that these three days would be the best use of my time, but I was proved wrong. Very useful for novice and experienced sales people alike. Mike Smee

I thoroughly enjoyed this course. It was insightful and challenging and I look forward to putting the learning into practice on my accounts. Robyn Davies

Relevant examples used throughout - didn't feel you got something wrong - even if you did. Could learn from mistakes made. Team exercises very useful - shared knowledge plus different view points v. important. Abi Newell - Wheel

Extremely valuable information that we should be implementing daily on our accounts so it becomes second nature. This course has given me practical skills to expand from my accounts. Debs Heaphy - Wheel

This course offers an invaluable opportunity to stand back and look at all the factors involved in account development and pitching. It is also effective in highlighting areas of knowledge that you lack that can make you more successful. Fiona McCann

Have been on other sales courses that have been largely a monologue. Have much benefited this time from the interactive style of the trainer. Look forward to putting key actions in place within the footwear and leather team. Many thanks. Colin Wade

Refreshed a lot of old knowledge but added some gems in terms of new thinking not experienced on any other courses. Deborah Keay - Wheel

This was a thoroughly enjoyable and useful programme. I will use what I have learnt today in future presentations and public speaking situations. Lots of practise, demonstrations and drawing on personal experience made it memorable and fun. Clare Cole

It took the fear out of public speaking! It was a very fun day of learning and made me realise that presenting is a structured and rehearsed process. Christine Davis

Excellent - small groups meant quality practice time without being over faced by a large audience. Excellent forum in which to practice skills. Gienn Dale - Nokia

Never a dull moment. The lessons learned are relevant to other aspects of life - great benefit. David Ogden - Esteem

This course has helped me understand my fears of presenting. I feel this will bring dividends in the future. Nick Egginton - PCS

It has really given me much to think about when performing presentations, but more importantly, it has given me more tools for my sales role in Esteem.
Neil Crispin

The small group and video feedback made the two days training very enjoyable. I have learned a lot, now it’s time to put it into practice. David Mallinson

Excellent course, have learned a great deal. I have also left with personal targets and development which will continue after the course. Rebecca Ford

This has been one of the most important courses I have attended because it has enabled me to conquer my worst fear and believe in my own ability. I only hope I can put this all into practise. Vicky Barry

I really wasn’t looking forward to it as I saw it originally as a waste of a day. Now though, I realise that it has enhanced my skill set far more than any other method course I have undertaken. Well done and thanks. Neil McGuiness

I really enjoyed the chance to hear other opinions. It made me think about what I am trying to achieve. The course leader was humorous and listened to everyone. Sara Flanagan

Very useful and informative. Good ideas and reasons put forward. Good emphasis on preparation, which I think is going to be a key aspect in future calling. Lynette Kemp

Everyone should go on this course. Extremely informative and useful. Fiona Murray - Memec

I did not think the course would be relevant to me however, the skills can be ported to many other situations and almost all of them will prove extremely useful. A well presented, well-structured and interesting course. Anna Trett - Memec

I have personally learned some useful tools to help in my approach to gain new business, especially in ‘calling high’. Debra Beckwith

The SalesSense customer feedback listed above has been provided voluntarily and the contributors have given permission for their comments and endorsements to be published here. If you need more specific SalesSense customer feedback about our services and results, telephone +44 (0)1392 851500. We will be pleased to discuss your needs or talk through some options. Alternatively Send email to for a prompt reply or use the contact form here.