Are You Missing the Sales Enablement 25% Performance Upside?

How does your sales performance compare with those supported by a sales enablement team?

Diagram illustrating sales enablement effectivness to support our associated sales enablement plan questionnaire.

There is plenty of evidence that having a sales enablement plan and dedicated staff to carry out the plan, is worthwhile in terms of increased sales results. Yet many businesses can't justify the cost of a full time sales enablement specialist.

The consequences are that other managers must fulfil sales enablement functions when they can find the time. As a result, sales enablement doesn't usually receive sufficient attention to optimise the sales yield per salesperson.

Sales Enablement Plan Optimisation Questionnaire

Answer this quick questionnaire to assess how your organisation performs across these eight sales enablement functions.

Score up to 10 points for each statement, according to how closely your organisation complies with the statement. If your organisation doesn't comply, score low. To the extent that your organisation does comply, score high.

1. Ideal customers and pre qualification criteria are clearly described and accessible to all appropriate staff.
2. Buying personas for the likely decision influencer and decision maker roles in prospective customer organisations are clearly defined and accessible to all appropriate staff.
3. Typical buying triggers are listed with each defined buying persona. These are the events that motivate buying personas to actively seek products, services, or solutions that are sold by the organisation.
4. A rich archive of customer case studies, testimonials, and success stories is maintained and accessible by all appropriate staff.
5. A proven sales process is clearly defined and explains the best known method of facilitating a typical customer buying process while identifying and reporting the status and progress of sales opportunities.
6. All of the tools, templates, examples, and customer facing content that is referred to in the sales process description, are easily accessible in a central depository and linked appropriately in all sales force automation applications.
7. Current online self-led training modules that address all stages of the sales process are easily accessible for all appropriate staff.
8. All of the sales enablement resources identified above are subject to periodic reviews for the purpose on ensuring that they continuously updated to represent emerging best practice in each case.
Total Score

If you score between 60 and 80 for sales enablement, things are in good shape. Just to be sure, check your perspective by having others across your sales and marketing operation, score the statements.

If have scored your organisation between 40 and 60, you could be missing out on as much as a 10% revenue and profit upside.

For scores between 1 and 40, the upside sales performance improvement potential could be 25% or more. If you were to invest as much as 10% of your profit in sales enablement, you should still expect to obtain a significant return on your investment.

If you don't already have dedicated staff, the first action should be to prioritise needs based on your operation and established best practice. Make a sales enablement plan and then think about resourcing it.

Developing a long term relationship with outsourced service providers offers the option of upgrading your sales enablement without hiring an internal team.

External providers offer many benefits:

  • Their day job is delivering results through sales enablement. They will have a significant head start on hiring specialists.
  • Third party service providers can learn about your sales environment, operations, marketing, market, and customers rapidly, because they have done so for many new customers in the past.
  • Having delivered numerous previous assignments, in our case over 100, they will already have templates, frameworks, and tools enabling them to produce results very quickly.
  • You can contract for just the right amount of time and adjust it as you grow or your needs change.

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