One-to-One Coaching Reveals Unexpected Improvement Opportunities

Sales and sales manager coaching increases certainty, predictability, and results. 

Sales Manager Coaching

Maintaining a selling organisation's effectiveness involves continuous tuning and adjustment. The sales manager's judgment and decision making is tested every day. Mistakes are costly. Leadership is lonely. When you carry the responsibility for the numbers, decision making can't easily be shared. Could sales manager coaching help you achieve greater clarity?

Sales managers are expected to coach their team members yet orders must come first. Coaching is pushed to the back behind the ever present need to focus attention on the pipeline and closing business.

Could a sales coach provide some relief by taking on some deal review duties?

Sales Management Coaching

Your coach will have served their time in selling and management positions. He or she will have decades or relevant sales management, consulting, training, and coaching experience. A coach is a confidential listener with an outside perspective who contributes through reflection. A coach helps with perspective, vision, and certainty.  

While training salespeople is usually given some priority, sales manager coaching and training is widely neglected. Many businesses seem to ignore the need, perhaps because of priorities or the expectation that all managers are autodidacts.

Our sales manager coaching staff draw on the SalesSense Advanced Sales Management learning programme materials as needed in the sessions they conduct.

Coaching for sales managers has been shown to increase performance by 13%. Increasing results by even a quarter of this number more than covers the costs.

Sales Coaching

Executive Coaching

Working with a coach increases revenue and profit. It improves job satisfaction, standing, and career progression. A good coach delivers a tenfold return on investment. Sales coaching is much under utilised as a performance improvement resource.

Training delivered via one-to-one sessions is the most efficient way to help salespeople learn new methods and skills. All of our training programmes can be delivered in this way.

Organisations expect their managers to do the coaching. This is incompatible with the main priority of managers. Results must come first. Coaching is inevitably pushed into second place and rarely receives sufficient attention. More here.

Practical Online Sales Coaching for Small Groups

Online Sales Training

Reduce training costs while increasing relevancy and effectiveness.

Technology provides a powerful alternative to classroom training. It is not constrained by the need for minimum numbers of participants.

Small groups gathered in the same room can benefit from trainer present style workshops delivered by a remote coach or trainer. The trainer is present via video conference style virtual classroom projection.

Others can join online training sessions from any location where they can use a web enabled device. More here.

If you need to improve business performance, a coach can help you succeed. Whether it is sales manager coaching, one to one sales coaching, or group sales coaching, we can help. Telephone +44 (0)1392 851500. We will be pleased to learn about your needs and talk through the options. Send e-mail to for a prompt reply or use the contact form here.