Sales Management & Leadership Training

Sales management courses for those leading sales teams.

Sales Management Courses

If you are a sales manager with responsibilities for the success of team members, it may be difficult to make time for learning new methods and developing skills. These sales management courses can be taken through a range of flexible options that you can use to fit learning around your other duties.

Advanced Sales Management

Sales management ranks amongst the most challenging roles. As competition intensifies, sales managers come under increasing pressure to achieve greater results with shrinking resources.

Discover new tools for turning the art of sales management into a reliable science. Help your people motivate themselves. Become a better coach. Learn to adapt management style for difficult personalities. Get more accurate forecasts. Manage campaign risks. Make meetings more productive. Above all, achieve goals with greater ease and certainty.

Advanced Sales Management - Course Details. Available for in-house classroom delivery or small groups and individuals via a virtual classroom or a series of coaching sessions.

Sales Recruitment and Selection

Sales Recruitment and Selection Training

Sales Recruitment is a sales managers most demanding task. A single hiring mistake costs in excess of £100,000 and for high value products. The number can exceed £500,000 when the missed opportunity cost is taken into account. This is the profit that would have been generated by an effective salesperson in the position.

Hiring mistakes seriously damage profitability. Effective hiring practices can significantly reduce the risks. Sales recruitment training helps take the risk out of hiring salespeople.

Attend this course and learn how to cut recruitment costs, reduce staff churn, and accelerate growth. Improve selection practices and interview skills to eliminate the luck factor and put your business on a better course.

Hire Top Sales Performers - Course details. Can be delivered for individuals and small groups through a series of online coaching sessions or in traditional classroom settings.

Motivational Speaking and Leadership Skills

Sales Leadership Skills

Providing motivating leadership is a vital sales management function and mastery of communication skills is the essential underlying element. Public speaking skilld are indispensable for all who are called upon to lead groups of people, influence customers, sway public opinion and motivate action.

Join this course to discover new leadership methods, develop motivational speaking skills, and improve ability to inspire groups.

Motivational Speaking and Leadership Skills - Course Details. Flexible delivery options.

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