Sales Training Courses

Comprehensive range of sales training courses for development of sales skills and methods that are available for live online and in-house classroom delivery.

Sales Training Courses Options for delivery of all sales training courses include:

  • One to one, through a series coaching sessions
  • Online, in a virtual classroom, through a series of interactive events
  • In a traditional instructor led classroom setting

Materials for some courses are also available separately in a distance learning configuration. In addition, we offer study support via remote or face to face coaching services. Structured Sales Course Titles and Descriptions

Accelerate Sales through Partners

Suitable for those with responsibilities for selling via third parties including agents, resellers, distributors, and alliances.

Account Management

Turn customers into business partners. Training for new and inexperienced account managers.

Advanced Skills for Selling Consulting Services

Suitable for those selling intangible products and services such as consultancy. Well received by technical people, scientists, and engineers who need to sell.

Advanced Professional Selling Skills

Top level programme for experienced salespeople. Leading 'best practice' material for those in technology, software, or know-how based technical solutions markets.

Advocate - One to Many

Speaking in a public setting provides a new set of challenges for most people. Those who sell professionally are expected to do an exceptional job. Learn how on this course.

Advocate Persuasively

Improve communication skills, develop persuasiveness, and increase influence by learning and practising the principles and techniques presented in this programme.

Build a Professional Sales Career

Comprehensive programme for new staff, those without previous training, and those who need an update or refresher course.

Build Business by Phone

How to get through more often, get more attention, and sell more using the telephone. Covers digital selling techniques.

Business Development Management

Training for business development managers. How to acquire more new customers through improved planning, management, and execution.

Sales Conversations with Senior People

How to get the attention of senior decision makers and win a hearing. Suitable for experienced people and senior executives.

Social Networking for B2B Sales

How to find prospects and develop a relationship using new media digital tools. Restore lost access and recover the opportunity to build an effective relationship.

Key Account Management

Extend access and influence in major accounts to maintain or increase results and keep competitors from making inroads. Suitable for experienced account managers.

Mastering Sales Negotiation

While negotiation skills are important throughout a sale, completing a deal often demands more specific set of skills where the rules change. Learn how to maximise the benefits for both sides through negotiation mastery.

Selling in a Downturn

Some sail through downturns with hardly a dip. Hope for the best and prepare for the worst seems good advice. Forethought, planning, and preparation will prove to be the elements of success.

Selling to Government

Account for the public sector procurement process and win more government tenders. Suitable for teams selling to local and central government.

Sell what You Say You Will

Identify opportunities that will happen, can be won, and will be worth the time. Eliminate wasted effort, improve efficiency, and increase results.

Winning the Complex Sale

How to sell high value complex solutions to large companies against fierce competition. Suitable for experienced people responsible for large scale complex opportunities where success depends on a team approach.

All sales training courses are guaranteed to increase collective performance by at least five times the fees. Any customer who is not satisfied that applying the methods and principles tought will meet this guarantee is entitled to a full refund. See our full guarantee pledge here

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