Sell what You Say You Will - Sales Training

Focus on the right opportunities to improve sales forecasting methods and accuracy.

Diagram of sales qualification factors illustrating our sales forecasting methods training course description page.

Inaccurate sales forecasting damages business management. Time spent speaking to prospects who don't buy, or buy from competitors is wasted. Instead improve sales forecasting methods and focus efforts on those who will buy.

  • One-to-one delivery: £695
  • Per session one-to-one delivery: £95
  • Per session group delivery: £180
  • Training takes place in a virtual meeting.
  • Fees exclude applicable VAT 
  • Guaranteed results.

On this course discover how to eliminate time wasters, create unique value propositions, and identify the actions that will lead to a win.

Program Objectives

  • Find hot prospects easily.
  • Eliminate fruitless opportunities early.
  • Know if you can win before committing.
  • Present a compelling proposition.
  • Maintain campaign momentum.
  • Manage the sales pipeline.
  • Increase sales forecast accuracy.

'Sell what You Say You Will' explains how to increase results through simple changes in process and procedure. There is no requirement to develop or improve skills.

Participants leave with a set of tools that reduce time wasted on opportunities that don't happen or can't be won. They learn how to focus their efforts on worthwhile, profitable, and realisable sales opportunities. Sales forecasting becomes an accurate and reliable indication of future business.

Who should attend:

All salespeople who want to work smarter, increase productivity, and improve sales forecasting will benefit from attendance. Directors and managers who need to improve business predictability will gain a range of new tools and ideas for achieving fast results.

Additional Benefits

  • Flexible multi session 'learning by doing' structured training course.
  • Workplace assignments develop new habits and practice.
  • Tools, templates, frameworks, and examples save time and aid learning.
  • Common language improves communication and team work.
  • Promotes adoption of 'best practice' habits and methods.
  • Increases sales productivity, consistency, and results.
  • Improves job satisfaction and motivation.
  • Reduces staff turnover.

Sell What You Say You Will - Sales Forecasting Methods Training Delivery Options

  • One to One - View and download presentations, tools, templates, and other resources. The assigned coach arranges one-to-one training sessions to present or discuss the material and identify on-the-job learning actions. Training and coaching continues until the participants are satisfied with their learning progress. Session last one hour and are scheduled to suit participant needs.

    £695 + VAT if applicable. Four weeks lead time. Book places.

  • One to One on a per session basis.

    £95 + applicable VAT. Add to cart or book places.

  • Via Online Group Training - Includes access to presentations, tools, templates, and other resources. Choose content priorities. Schedule 1 hour sessions to suit participant needs.

    £180 plus applicable VAT per session. Book this training.

  • Traditional Classroom - The programme delivery takes place over one or more days at a conference venue or at the customers offices. The full account management training course takes two days. Contact us for fees.

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Large Numbers

Licencing and train the trainer options enable self delivery. To find out more, call or use the links below. Associate and Affiliate representation welcomed. To promote or deliver this course, get in touch directly.

Flexible Approach

If you need to improve sales forecasting and conversion rates while increasing results, 'Sell what You Say You Will' delivers. Telephone +44 (0)1392 851500. We will be pleased to discuss your needs or talk through some options. Alternatively, send an email to for a prompt reply or use the contact form here.