The Science of Influence

How to get anyone to say yes in eight minutes or less. Methods of persuasion and sales persuasion techniques for exerting influence.

The Science of Influence by Kevin Hogan, reviewed by Clive Miller.

Not to be confused with Robert Cialdini's 'Influence - The Science and Practice' or David J. Lieberman's 'How to get Anyone to do Anything', the first two thirds of this book impressed me immensely.

Most chapters are filled with accessible knowledge and thought provoking exercises not to mention the summaries, key point emphasis, and boxed selected snippets.

While Kevin romps across the same turf as Cialdini, he presents it entirely for a sales persons perspective and provides many practical pointers.

If you are in sales and your response to the question, "how do you persuade' might be based on guesswork or speculation, this book will fill in most of the blanks.

ISBN 0-471-67051-0

Review by Clive Miller

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