Win More Business with these Four Ideas

Some simple steps explain how to sell and how to win a sale.

How to Sell and How to Win a Sale

If there were such a thing as a sales success formula that described how to sell or how to win a sale, it would have to have the flexibility to produce a different solution for every situation, however, there are a few fundamentals that are often overlooked.

The following practical principles and practices will help anyone increase their chances of winning more business.

1. Doing things right is a waste of time if you don't first choose the right things to do.

Or put in the positive, if you were selling bread and you had a list of hungry people, you might expect to make a sales or two. In fact if you turn up in the right place or just happen to be there with the right product at the right time it's hard to lose a sale. If you have enough obvious value to offer, customers will even ignore body odour!

Apply intelligence to identify the right place and time so accurately that when you show up they say, "Funny you should call, I was just thinking about fixing that . . ."

This is how to sell effortlessly.

2. Stop trying to sell. Instead, find people who need what you have.

Quite often prospective customers become obvious when you take the time to profile those who have already bought. What do your company's best customers look like? What do your closest competitors best customers look like?

With this in mind, look around - survey the market place. Who else looks the same? If they look the same, they are likely to be grappling with similar issues to those that your product or service addresses.

This is how to sell what people need.

3. Instead of making a sales pitch, aim to have a grown up conversation.

Determine customer situations, needs, driving factors, obstacles, and resources. Become the customers servant in pursuit of whatever is most pressing for the customer. If your stuff doesn't help, make an introduction to something or someone that can. If your stuff doesn't fit their current picture, don't waste energy trying to paint it.

Put integrity first. This how to win a sale.

4. Never, never, never give in.

Churchill put it well in the context of war. What he said was, "Never give in - never, never, never, never, in nothing great or small, large or petty, never give in except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy".

Note the 'get out' clause - "except to convictions of honour and good sense".

Selling may not be the same as war however, there are many similarities. There are normally one or more competitors. There can only be one winner. And all competitors have limited resources.

Once you have committed to win a sale (qualified in), hold nothing back. No half hearted effort ever won a prize worth winning.

Leave nothing undone and leave no effort excused. Outthink and out work all competitors. Leave nothing to chance. This how to win a sale.

Article by Clive Miller

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