Sales Professionals Assessment and Development Toolkit

Sales skills SWOT and learning short cuts for developing professional selling skills.

Professional Selling Skills

Use this professional selling skills development manual to accelerate on-the-job learning. Use it to expand your abilities or as a coaching framework to help team members succeed.

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You can learn about business to business sales skills through online research. Half a dozen inexpensive sales books will provide the same information. Yet no amount of study embeds the methods and turns them into reliable habits.

This toolkit is designed to serve specific needs that are identified through the included assessment. Results are aligned with on-the-job workplace actions that increase knowledge, develop skills, and improve sales performance. The combination provides an efficient, personalised, self-led development programme that stimulates fast learning and immediate improvements in sales results.

The sales professionals toolkit presents a comprehensive sales skills assessment that includes a complete set of validation questions that ensure self assessment accuracy.

Sore thirty statements grouped according to ten critical aspects of B2B sales competence, then answer the validation questions to test your self-perceptions. Decide which aspects to improve and then jump directly to the workplace actions that will help you develop the skills, acquire new methods, and adopt better habits.

The assessment and associated on-the-job actions are hyperlinked so it is easy to find and use only what you need, just when you need it.

Managers Coaching Aid

As a manager, use the toolkit to clarify individual strengths and weakness, guide team member coaching, and assign workplace actions to influence behaviour, stimulate learning, and drive sales results. Select from over one hundred on-th-job actions designed to prompt learning while having a positive impact on active sales opportunities and campaigns.

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