Sales Teamwork

Achieve extraordinary performance through sales team building, teamwork, and motivation.

Sales Team Building

Salespeople are often not natural team players yet business increasingly demands sales team behaviour. Sales teams that can come together and collaborate when needed can out sell the big hitters of larger organisations so sales team building remains a vital aspect of development.

Winning high value business opportunities that have a significant overall impact on customer and supplier success depends on team selling.

Success with prominent opportunities usually depends on a high degree of collaboration amongst the sellers customer facing staff including board level executives, salespeople, managers, marketing, and technical people.

Teams of people must come together on a project by project basis and quickly establish an efficient and effective collaboration. Teamwork is essential for success with complex sales.

On a smaller scale, in complex selling situations involving technology, software, and know how based business solutions, success depends on the cooperation and teamwork of small, self led teams that form on a deal by deal basis.

Team building has never been more important. Customers no longer rely on salespeople for information, early in their buying cycle. Instead they complete their research online. Engaging with customers before there is any dialogue requires a new set of skills and resources. Sales, marketing, and technical staff must work closer together. Teamwork depends on several independent contributors with different expertise, learning to complement each other in challenging situations.

In the traditional Tuckman model, teams undergo a series of phases labeled 'forming', 'storming', norming, and performing. Awareness training, exercises, and simulations offer effective solutions for accelerating team development while avoiding any negative business impact.

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