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Booking page for sales management assessment completion with feedback from a SalesSense coach.

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Use our sales management assessment to evaluate sales management practices. Learn the right skills, adopt the best practices, and develop abilities by taking this assessment.

If you are applying for sales management or sales director roles, take this assessment to prepare for interviews. If you already have a sales management job, take this assessment to increase your team's results, your organisation's success, and your earnings.

If you are managing sales managers, use this assessment to help hire the right people and develop team member sales management competence.

Complete this assessment to rate sales management practices against the assessment's competency statements.

Receive impartial and confidential feedback, compiled by your appointed SalesSense coach.

Review the feedback and recommended on-the-job development actions.

Arrange an in-person consultation with your coach to gain additional insights.

Use the feedback, the recommended workplace development actions, and the development resources to strengthen strengths, address weaknesses, improve sales effectiveness, and increase results.

Optional Assessment Grading

Grading provides an independent evaluation of all self-assessment scores based on the evidence responses to a set of supplementary questions. The grading score and written personalised feedback for each assessment statement, corroborates self-assessment scores and offers comprehensive action-based development and improvement recommendations.

Optional Assessment Validation

Validation involves a 90-minute interview that examines each assessment score. Completion of the assessment is optional. A SalesSense coach explores competence for each aspect of the assessment by asking a series of evidence questions and scoring responses against a four-point framework. Validation is a comprehensive one-to-one evaluation of the skills, knowledge, and abilities examined in the assessment. The comprehensive report makes specific development recommendations for each element of the assessment.

Assessment Completion
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Optional Grading (Inc. assessment)
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Optional Validation (Inc. assessment)
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Applications Include:

  • Sales management assessment.
  • Staff appraisals.
  • Learning and development credits.
  • Guidance for progress.
  • Training needs analysis.
  • Interview preparation.
  • Recruitment selection.
  • Career development.

Purchase Includes:

  • The assessment.
  • Tabulated and charted assessment results.
  • Coach feedback.
  • Development resources.
  • Completion certificate.

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