Advocate Persuasively

Interpersonal communication skills training. Persuasion techniques, tactics, and skills for improving team collaboration and increasing business influence.

Interpersonal Communication Skills Training

How to have people pay attention to what you say and act on what they hear. Increase credibility, authority, and influence through interpersonal communication skills training.

Participants take on work place assignments in one to one or group briefing sessions and reconvene to review results, adjust their approach, and take on their next assignment.

Training can be spread over several months or condensed into longer intensive sessions.

Key Takeaways

  • Increase personal impact
  • Have others place more value on your opinion
  • Enhance confidence and charisma
  • Become more persuasive
  • Establish trust faster
  • Increase cooperation between others
  • Boost influence

Participant Comments

Excellent course. Felt relaxed and comfortable with the whole experience. Feet that I can go out and be more confident in what I do. Blatchfords

I found the course very informative and helpful and will hopefully be able to approach prospective customers in a more confident manner and therefore try and speak to the decision maker to make an appointment rather than just trying to obtain their names and send them marketing literature. Inter-tel

I enjoyed this training very much. Not only did it provide me with practical tools to improve my working behaviour/ team and management skills but it gave me the opportunity to step back and refocus on my priorities in an enjoyable way. Dassault

Programme includes:

  • Pre Course Questionnaire
  • Pre Work Preparation Guide
  • Up to 6 Coaching Sessions or 6 hrs of Classroom Time
  • Personalised Assignments
  • Programme materials
  • Online resources
  • Career long support

Materials and resources

  • Preparation Guides
  • Programme Agenda
  • Self Study Guide
  • Accelerated Learning Guide
  • Communication Skills Slide-decks
  • Persuasion Quotient Assessment
  • Fist Impressions Survey
  • Likeability Index
  • Thinking Style Assessment
  • Sensory Language Exercise
  • Reasons for Asking Questions
  • Persuasive Questions Guide
  • Questions to Stimulate Dialogue
  • Reading People's Thoughts Guide
  • Personality Style Assessment

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