The Sales Exam

The Sales Exam provides a comprehensive sales competence assessment, a series of learning opportunities, together with collected evidence of sales skills, habits, knowledge, and motivators.

Sales Test
Sales Knowledge Assessment

Isn't it about time that someone came up with a way to measure sales competency and provide people with immediate, specific, targeted support for development.

Rate ability across seventeen aspects and thirty five elements of our comprehensive sales competence model using four straightforward tests. Have the results validated by an accredited coach through a one to one review interview and gain sales qualifications.

Sales Test
Sales Skills Assessment

The Sales Exam consists of four separate assessments that can be consolidated into a single representation of sales competence. A separate assessment evaluates knowledge, skills, attitudes, and intrinsic motivators.

Validation Option

Have an accredited coach review the seventeen competencies in telephone interviews and then prepare detailed written feedback.

Sales Test
Sales Mindset Assessment

Choice between automated and coach validated feedback provides options that serve individual as well as company level or corporate needs.

Automated reports include a unique single glance representation of scores as depicted here together with table data for further analysis, and supporting downloads. Coach validated feedback includes validation scores, comparison charts, and written recommendations.

Sales Test
Sales Motivators Assessment

The Sales Exam reveals opportunities for developing strengths as well as addressing weaknesses. Accompanying downloads provide straightforward actions that participants can begin using immediately to improve their effectiveness.


Sales test results of people who take part in the Sales Exam as part of an appraisal or development process instigated by an employer, should be validated by a manager or coach.

Validation tools make this a straightforward process that can be carried out by an accredited coach, employers staff, or other third party professionals.

Validation feedback highlights any differences between self-assessment scores and validation scores, drawing attention to learning and development opportunities.

The exam reveals and quantifies professional sales competence. The validation questions and the system of evaluation banish uncertainties, deception, and misunderstanding.

For individuals using the assessments as learning tools or to support career planning, the direct approach facilitates self reflection and discovery.

Self Assessment and Coach Review Options:


1. Taking the assessments increases understanding, improves skills, develops better habits, introduces more effective methods, and shines a light on mindset and motivation.

2. Increased understanding of current skills and capabilities reveals improvement opportunities.

3. Feedback includes low cost and no cost recommendations that can be implemented immediately without the services of a coach or trainer.

4. The feedback improves productivity and results.

5. Objectively assessing seventeen aspects of competence highlights additional improvement opportunities.

6. Provides a competency framework, a template for development discussions, and a platform career advancement initiatives.

7. Use in the hiring process reduces or eliminates hiring mistakes. Having short list candidates take the exam before an interview, ensures that managers have all of the information they need to make an informed decision regarding sales competency.

8. Self assessment results document sales abilities. Validated results provide sales qualifications and evidence of competence.


Rating Professional Sales Competence

Who is responsible for competence? Most people answer, "I am". The Sales Exam provides the ability to measure and quantify sales competence. It answers the question, "What can be done to attain, develop, or maintain skills and habits?"

Guidance for Individual Development

The assessments identify and quantify opportunities for individual development. The feedback report provides a sound base for individuals and their managers to discuss and prioritise a development plan that will lead to increased competence, rising sales performance, and personal growth.

Development recommendations in the feedback reports focus on self-led learning rather than externally driven intervention such as training or coaching.

The feedback report provides individuals and their manager with an opportunity to steer development based on empirical evidence instead of perception and opinion

Team Development

Customers who have a SalesSense accredited coach complete validations for a whole sales team can obtain a team level report. In addition to a full explanation of the process and questions used in the exam, the document includes tabulated results of team performance and the test average scores for 'best in class' sales teams. The SalesSense Coach who carried out the validations also provides written team level feedback and recommendations that help organisation's use the data to address issues, improve sales productivity, and increase sales performance.

Training Needs Analysis

As a means to determine training priorities, the Sales Exam eliminates the guesswork and provides managers with a quantitative and qualitative assessment that reveals strengths and weaknesses at team and individual levels.

Recruitment and Selection

Improve hiring consistency and reduce hiring mistakes by having candidates take the assessments. Use the feedback to guide selection and interviews.

Getting the Right Job

Taking the Sales Exam and completing a Personal Review with an Accredited Coach, provides salespeople with an independently validated score for sales competence attainment. The feedback report provides individuals with documented evidence of their commitment to sales professionalism. As a discussion document or guide, it provides a comprehensive platform for answering the question, "What will you do if you get this job?".

Salespeople can use the report to help them present a compelling picture of their strengths, skills, and abilities. It helps them explain exactly what they are good at so that interviewers are left in no doubt of the candidate's competence.

Self Assessment and Coach Review Options:

If you are interested in sales qualifications or need a way to encourage experienced salespeople to continue learning, the Sales Exam offers a solution. The four sales assessment tests offer a comprehensive evaluation of sales competence. Telephone +44 (0)1392 851500 for more information. We will be pleased to learn about your needs or talk through some options. Send email to for a prompt reply or use the contact form here.