Free B2B Sales Training Part Seven - Planning a Discovery Call

Diagram illustrating the the important objectives of a sales discovery call.

On Wednesday, April 1st, 2020, we began delivering a free B2B sales training course via bite-sized posts on the SalesSense LinkedIn company page. This page presents links to the posts in part seven - planning a discovery call or meeting.

Free B2B Sales Training Content

The complete course will address all the following B2B sales topics:

  1. Map a typical customer buying process.
  2. Define customer problems or situations that you fix or address.
  3. Find sales prospects who need what you sell, right now.
  4. Identify the right people in suspect organisations.
  5. Start a conversation through cold outreach.
  6. What to do if suspects don’t engage.
  7. Planning a discovery call or meeting.
  8. Persuasive communication.
  9. Negotiating access to those who can say yes.
  10. Prompting a customer buying process.
  11. Participating in a customer buying process.
  12. Preparing an effective proposal.
  13. Conducting buying negotiations.
  14. Closing the sale.
  15. Managing the customer relationship.

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Part Seven - Planning a Discovery Call or Meeting

An overview. 7.0

Common experiences. 7.1

Rule No. 1. - make no assumptions. 7.11

Assumptions easily made. 7.12

Rule No. 2. - declare your intent. 7.2

Consequences of assumptions. 7.21

Rule No 3. - don't talk about the solution. 7.3

Redirection. 7.31

Potential obstacles. 7.4

Financial circumstances. 7.41

Financial implications. 7.42

Customer organisation. 7.43

Vision and mission. 7.44

Progress initiatives. 7.45

Business drivers. 7.46

Leverage. 7.5

Discovering issues. 7.51

Discovering issues - domino questions. 7.52

The Expand step. 7.6

Consequences of inaction. 7.61

Overcomming resistance. 7.611

Expanding leverage. 7.612

Practising the process. 7.613

Who is involved in the decision. 7.62

How to get access. 7.621

Overcome access objections. 7.622

Discover decision-maker issues. 7.623

Expand understanding. 7.63

How to handle the price question. 7.64

Testing acceptance of the cost 7.641

When they don't have the money. 7.642

When they do have the money. 7.643

The Advantage step in the CLEAR process. 7.7

Establishing a sales or buying process agreement. 7.71

The benefits of a sales/buying process agreement. 7.72

How to agree and document a sales/buying process agreement. 7.73

Testing your Advantage. Do you know these things. 7.8

Getting some favourable agreements before you begin helping the customer buy. 7.81

Planning a discovery call or meeting - CLEAR summary. 7.9

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