Free B2B Sales Training Part Eight (b) - Persuasive Communication

Diagram illustrating aspects of persuasive communication.

On Wednesday, April 1st, 2020, we began delivering a free B2B sales training course via bite-sized posts on the SalesSense LinkedIn company page. This page presents links to the posts in part eight (b) - persuasive communication.

Free B2B Sales Training Content

The complete course will address all the following B2B sales topics:

  1. Map a typical customer buying process.
  2. Define customer problems or situations that you fix or address.
  3. Find sales prospects who need what you sell, right now.
  4. Identify the right people in suspect organisations.
  5. Start a conversation through cold outreach.
  6. What to do if suspects don’t engage.
  7. Planning a discovery call or meeting.
  8. Persuasive communication.
  9. Negotiating access to those who can say yes.
  10. Prompting a customer buying process.
  11. Participating in a customer buying process.
  12. Preparing an effective proposal.
  13. Conducting buying negotiations.
  14. Closing the sale.
  15. Managing the customer relationship.

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Part Eight (b) - Persuasive Communication

Listening persuasively - introduction. 8.4

Ways to listen attentively. 8.41

Suspend your agenda to listen persuasively. 8.411

Banish your thoughts to hear the thoughts of others. 8.412

Adopt an expectant state of mind. 8.413

Remember what you hear. 8.414

Set aside comparisons. 8.415

Set aside all judgement. 8.416

Listen with your eyes. 8.417

Listen with all your senses. 8.418

Listen with your heart. 8.419

Silently repeat what people say to you. 8.420

Listen with patience. 8.421

Trust yourself to remember what is important. 8.422

Take the time to review each call or meeting. 8.423

Listening persuasively summary. 8.424

Business writing skills - brevity. 8.51

Writing active sentences for brevity. 8.52

Write every day. 8.53

Start with an outline or list. 8.54

Put yourself in your readers shoes. 8.55

Take into account the perspective of your readers. 8.56

Tell short stories. 8.57

Persuade with the rule of thrree. 8.58

Never send your first composition. 8.59

Non-verbal language reading shortcut. 8.61

Use a searchlight for reading non-verbal language. 8.62

Say it with non-verbal language, on purpose. 8.71

Project the right non-verbal language with 'Master Control' 8.72

Reading non-verbal signals in video calls. 8.73

Persuasive communication summary. 8.8

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