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Free sales resources, fresh ideas, and learning opportunities.

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"If the other guy is getting better, then you'd better be getting better faster than the other guy is getting better... or you're getting worse." Tom Peters.

This site is full of sales resources for getting better faster than your competitors.

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Free visitor resources include:

  • Comprehensive B2B sales training via daily bite-sized posts on the LinkedIn SalesSense company page. Open to all LinkedIn members.
  • Email for notifications or follow our LinkedIn company page.
  • The Sales Win Predictor - Quantify your chances of winning any sale by scoring these fourteen statements. Consultant win recommendations.
  • Sales Skills Gap Solutions - Comprehensive and straightforward directions for developing knowledge, skills, and abilities for ten key aspects of selling.
  • The Sales Success Formula - Online micro training course covering a framework for maximising business and sales performance.
  • Accelerate Learning - Online micro training course. Learn how to make learning easy.
  • Sales Team Building - Online micro training course presenting a collection of team building videos interpreted in a sales context.
  • Sales Team Communication - Online micro training course presenting a collection of communications skills videos interpreted in a sales context.

​Additional Sales Club Resources

  • Sales Professionals Toolkit - A compendium of workplace actions for increasing sales and learning momentum.
  • Free e-book - Currently the classic 'Think and Grow Rich' by Napoleon Hill.
  • Sounding Board - Expert Advice - Just ask and we will offer our best thinking on any issue.
  • Email updates - Keep up to date with new SalesSense resources as they are added to this site
  • Sales articles, 'how to' papers, resource reviews, and guest essays provide a broad perspective on sales topics.

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