Sales Team Communication - Free Micro Course

Powerful sales team communication skills training videos from Edward Muzio, CEO of Group Harmonics.

Seven learning videos Interpreted in a sales team communication context by Clive Miller

  1. How to Interact Strategically
  2. How to Resolve Conflict
  3. Saying No Without Saying No
  4. Six Hidden Factors of Motivation
  5. Ladder of Inference and how it Affects Judgement
  6. Stop the Drama, Do the Work
  7. Managing Resources for Output

How to Interact Strategically

In this video, Edward sets out an excellent model for preparing to persuade. Use it to prepare for meetings and conversations.


How to Resolve Conflict

Salespeople focus on maintaining harmony however, some level of conflict is bound to arise if the salesperson makes any attempt to influence an outcome that is not going his or her way. Add to this the necessity to deal with post sales issues and it becomes clear that conflict management is an important aspect of success. Then if we bend the technique presented in this video to persuasion in any setting, we can increase our persuasiveness.


Saying No Without Saying No

Use this team building and and collaboration technique to increase customer understanding, messaging alignment, and influence.


Six Hidden Factors of Motivation

From a sales perspective, consider how these factors would impact customer dialogue. Think about the question you might ask to discover the motivation perspective of another person. Use this model to improve sales team communication.


Ladder of Inference and how it Affects Judgement

Selling demands good judgement. Use this model to avoid mistaken assumptions that lead to bad judgement. Eliminate or minimise miss understandings, increase cooperation, and improve interpersonal communication by using this knowledge.


Stop the Drama, Do the Work

As a sales manager in two companies where their were both direct sales teams who visited the end customer to make a sale, and indirect channel account managers who sold through resellers and partnerships, I am very familiar with the conflict that Edward describes in this video. I know from painful experience how much time can be wasted by people stuck in scripted roles, as Edward describes it. Sales people and sales managers can lear a lot from this video.


Managing Resources for Output

Salespeople often need to behave as project managers. In any complex campaign that lasts more than a couple of months, the salesperson must marshal resources and ensure things get done internally as well as within the prospective customer. Use this model to eliminate or minimize constricting factors.

These outstanding video learning bites have been provided free of charge by Group Harmonics of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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