Sales Problems Solved

Have a Sales Consultant fix problems, resolve issues, or enable opportunities.

Sales Consultant Services

If you are facing difficult problems or need to progress plans that are under-resourced, the temporary services of a sales consultant may be the answer. The extra resource will help you to fix things, get those nagging projects completed, or take advantage of more opportunities. The sales consultant services we have provided are listed below.  

In our work with others, we may have already found suitable solutions to the challenges you face.

If not, we can contribute the extra resources to discover or build solutions that address particular needs.

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We make no charge to speak and guarantee everything that we do.

Structured sales consultant services:

  • Salesforce skills and abilities assessment.
  • Sales management skills and methods assessment.
  • Sales and marketing functional review.
  • Competence model development.
  • Design and preparation of sales enablement resources.
  • Sales effectiveness improvement.
  • Sales performance measurement and benchmarking.
  • Performance remediation programmes.
  • Design and preparation of bespoke online training.
  • Design and preparation of on-bording materials.

Bespoke consulting assignments we have completed:

  • Strategy, goal and objectives development.
  • Recruitment and selection of salespeople.
  • Reducing sales staff turnover.
  • Consulting on discipline and admonishment.
  • Consulting on sales performance compensation.
  • Consulting on non fiscal motivation.
  • Facilitating meetings and conflict management.

Other issues that our sales consultant services have helped address:

  • Finding and selecting the right prospects.
  • Getting the attention of decision makers.
  • Uncovering prospective customer issues.
  • Transforming a business conversation into a collaboration.
  • Establishing a dialogue with all of the people influencing a buyers choice.
  • Discovering the amount a buyer is prepared to spend.
  • Maintaining a dialogue throughout the buying process.
  • Developing trust and establishing trusted advisor status.
  • Achieving 'strategic partner' status or improve organisation standing.
  • Recognising and taking account of politics in an organisation.
  • Selecting and executing competitive strategy.
  • Developing and executing effective tactics.
  • Overcoming or addressing sales objections.
  • Setting up sales channels.
  • Developing channel performance.
  • Managing channel conflict.

If you are looking for sales consultant services or face intractable issues, difficult challenges, or resource shortages, we can help. Telephone +44 (0)1392 851500. Alternatively use the contact form here or send email to for a prompt reply.