Sales Motivation Assessment

Eleven workplace motivators compared in a sales motivation context.

Sales Motivation Assessment

Is your sales job rewarding? Is work fun or do you just put up with it? Sales motivation impacts what we do, how we do it, and how much we sell.

If you have a sense that things could be better, use our work motivators assessment to recognise the things you find most interesting in a sales role.

Learn about your own sales motivation or the things that drive people in your team. You can use the assessment to consider what motivates anyone whom you  know well.

Knowing your intrinsic motivators helps you recognise assignments that you will enjoy. When the work involves things that you are motivated by, your productivity, job satisfaction, and performance all go up. 

People do things for their own reasons. Everyone needs money yet for most people, it isn't intrinsically motivating. Otherwise we would all have more of it. Needing money to pay bills is an extrinsic motivator. Assess your sales motivation to reveal intrinsic preferences and leanings.

Free Work Motivators Assessment

Distribute 100 points across the eleven work motivators to see which you care about most.

If you complete the form at the end, we will send you an analysis of the impact of each motivating factor for people in sales roles.

If you are in a leadership position, ensuring that everyone is as effective as they can be, is very challenging. Yet if you can have them tackle assignments that are aligned with each person's sales motivation, then the task becomes easy. Learn about sales motivation through our work motivators assessment.

Assess yourself or anyone you know well to compare and contrast eleven intrinsic work motivators.


Salespeople learn more about themselves and the kind of assignments and roles for which they are best suited. All of the eleven possible leading motivators have advantages in particular types roles.

Knowledge of sales motivation, having common terms for discussion, and the impact report, helps salespeople and their managers make more suitable role, account, and territory assignments.

Knowledge of a person's intrinsic motivation is much more effective than guessing or using a uniform approach for everyone. Assessment results augment intuition. The guidance provides salespeople and managers with the information they need to improve job alignment.

People whose work is intrinsically interesting are more productive, spend more time doing the right things, are happier in their work, and achieve better results.

Employers with happy and productive people experience lower staff turnover and achieve better results than competitors.


The Right People Doing the Right Jobs

The feedback reveals intrinsic motivators and indicates the type of roles and assignments likely to be the most intrinsically rewarding.

Over time, salespeople and their managers can optimise roles and assignments to maximise effectiveness and job satisfaction.

Recruitment and Selection

Assess motivation to improve hiring consistency and reduce hiring mistakes. Having candidates take the assessment helps interviewers evaluate suitability and provides a prompt to discuss motivational issues in a meaningful way.

Management Development

Ability to motivate is highly prized as a management competence. Most managers don't have the freedom to constantly up the rewards. It is widely acknowledged that the best managers adapt their approach to help individual team members connect with their intrinsic motivation. The feedback provides a guiding map.

Customer Understanding

Becoming familiar with work motivators helps salespeople understand individuals who fulfil roles for customers. Buying decisions are rarely purely based on business issues. Those making the decisions cannot help tangling their emotional perspective with business imperatives.

Complete our work motivation assessment and receive an analysis on the impact of each motivating factor for people in sales roles.

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