Sales Techniques

The selling techniques here are a selection of the sales techniques taught in our courses.

Diagram illustrating the difference betwee sales skills and sales techniques..

We use the term, Sales Techniques to describe things you can do to improve communication and increase influence in selling situations.

Techniques employed for communication, online posting, email exchanges, and conversations are listed here. Skills and methods for problem solving, planning, and organisation are are discussed elsewhere on this site. 

We have divided this overview into four sections.

1. Online Selling Techniques

  • How to find and track particular individuals online.
  • How to locate the online forums and discussion groups that the particular people frequent.
  • How to establish credibility in an online forum without bragging and even without a record of performance.
  • How to obtain an introduction via known and unknown intermediaries.
  • How to transition the unacknowledged dialogue from a virtual setting to a real exchange

2. Written Communication Sales Techniques

  • Staying in touch with a large number of professional contacts
  • How to use a story to engage attention.
  • How to use a compelling example to engage attention.
  • How to provoke an internal discussion of your solution, as a means of gaining attention.
  • How to choose exactly the right time to make an approach.
  • How to make persistence easy to persist with.

3. Telesales Techniques

  • How to get any gatekeeper on your side.
  • How to get the attention of the most scheduled and sceptical prospect.
  • How to turn around fob off objections.
  • How to turn around real objections.
  • How to build rapport with listening skills.

4. Face to Face Sales Skills

  • How to make and excellent first impression, every time.
  • How to establish rapport quickly.
  • How to engender trust quickly.
  • How to uncover the real issues a customer is grappling with.
  • How to have the customer do the selling.
  • How to find out what customers are prepared to spend, when they don't want to tell you.
  • How to gain the cooperation of someone who is blocking access to key decision influencers.
  • How to avoid the loss of access once a proposal or quotation is submitted.
  • How to read peoples minds.
  • How to turn around closing objections.
  • How to negotiate terms.

Selling is about helping others do more of what they want to do rather than getting people to buy things that they don't need. The most valuable sales skills and techniques include the ability to learn what is most important to people, earn their trust, and be someone who is on the customers side.

Ask yourself the question, "In my life, am I doing what I most want to do?"

Sometimes the answer might be 'yes'. More often, it is likely to be 'no'.

Salespeople who can help others to get more of what they need, do more of what they want to do, and be more like the person they want to be, add real value. The same logic is multiplied where the entity is a business or an organisation.

Those who use sales technique to persuade, as a means to help people achieve more of what they set out to, need not ponder the ethics of their efforts.

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