Free B2B Sales Training Part Thirteen - Buying Negotiations

Diagram illustrating how the rules of engagement change as buying negotiations approach.

On Wednesday, April 1st, 2020, we began delivering a free B2B sales training course via bite-sized posts on the SalesSense LinkedIn company page. This page presents links to the posts in part thirteen - conducting buying negotiations.

Free B2B Sales Training Content

The complete course will address all the following B2B sales topics:

  1. Map a typical customer buying process.
  2. Define customer problems or situations that you fix or address.
  3. Find sales prospects who need what you sell, right now.
  4. Identify the right people in suspect organisations.
  5. Start a conversation through cold outreach.
  6. What to do if suspects don’t engage.
  7. Planning a discovery call or meeting.
  8. Persuasive communication.
  9. Negotiating access to those who can say yes.
  10. Prompting a customer buying process.
  11. Participating in a customer buying process.
  12. Preparing a winning sales proposal.
  13. Conducting buying negotiations.
  14. Closing the sale.
  15. Managing the customer relationship.

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Part Thirteen - Conducting Buying Negotiations

Conducting a buying negotiation - overview. 13.0

Recognising the transition to a buying negotiation. 13.1

Negotiation transition signals and what to do about them. 13.11

Negotiation case study - secrets and lies. 13.2

Negotiation case study - the buyer's perspective. 13.21

Car sale negotiation execise outcomes. 13.22

Car sale negotiation paradigm - combat or collaboration? 13.23

Negotiation tricks and ploys. 13.24

Negotiation tricks and ploys that I have experienced. 13.25

Negotiation tricks and ploys - a universal counter ploy. 13.251

Negotiation tricks and ploys - the provisional agreement. 13.252

Negotiation tricks and ploys - the ridiculous offer. 13.253

Negotiation tricks and ploys - either or. 13.254

Negotiation tricks and ploys - intimidation. 13.255

Negotiation tricks and ploys - deadlines, delays, and 11th hour crisis. 13.256

Negotiation tricks and ploys - amnesia. 13.257

Negotiation tricks and ploys - undermining your value. 13.258

Negotiation tricks and ploys - abuse. 13.259

Negotiation tricks and ploys - inflated requirement or quantities. 13.2510

Negotiation tricks and ploys - silence. 13.2511

Negotiation tricks and ploys - nibbling. 13.2512

Reasons to avoid using tricks and ploys. 13.31

Negotiation preparation - value margin. 13.32

Negotiation preparation - critical information. 13.33

A formula for effective negotiations. 13.34

The manner of negotiation exchange. 13.4

The best approach to negotiation exchange. 13.41

How to get your questions answered in a negotiation. 13.5

How to get your questions answered in a negotiation through WIIFT. 13.51

How to prioritise the other side's needs in a negotiation. 13.52

When and how to manage the process of exchange in a negotiation. 13.53

How to influence the other side in a negotiation - listening skills. 13.6

How to influence the other side in a negotiation - listening with eyes. 13.61

How to influence the other side in a negotiation - habit five. 13.62

Influence others in a negotiation through reflection, paraphasing, and testing questions. 13.63

Positive and negative behaviours in a negotiation. 13.64

How to influence the other side in a negotiation - rule of three. 13.65

Breaking impasse in a negotiation - problem solving. 13.7

Breaking impasse in a negotiation - creativity. 13.71

Breaking impasse in a negotiation - consolidation. 13.72

Conducting a buying negotiation - summary. 13.8

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