Sales and Marketing Effectiveness Review

Should marketing be generating more quality leads and enquiries? Should sales be finding and closing more business?

Sales and Marketing Effectiveness Review

If you suspect that sales and marketing effectiveness could be improved yet efforts to improve are not getting the expected results, it may be time to get an outside perspective.

Could you be missing improvement opportunities?

A review almost always identifies easy to implement, low cost or no cost ways to increase performance.

Management and co-ordination of the three functions is challenging. Getting marketing, sales, and operations to function like a high performance machine demands constant attention and adjustment.

If you think the combination of your processes, methods, and teams should be more effective, arrange an outside diagnosis.

We quickly identify immediate opportunities for increasing business or you don't pay.

Identify immediate sales performance improvement opportunities through our sales and marketing effectiveness review:

Initial Discussion

We ask a series of questions to determine the scale of the work required and the potential for increasing sales performance. For an initail free suitability consultation, call 01392 851500. Alternatively Send email to or use the contact form here.

Go to Market Plan

First we study the plan. How is it all supposed to work from marketing and lead generation to delivery hand off. This involves review of planning documents and executive interviews up and down the organisation. This effort quickly reveals any gaps in the plan and any discrepencies between the intended approach and reality in the field.

Functional Analysis

We break up what we have learned into functional units with inputs and outputs to evaluate effectiveness and to help identify improvement opportunities.

Opportunity Consultations

Based on our functional analysis, we discuss findings with the staff involved to assess the practicality of adjustments.

Executive Presentation

Once we are satisfied with our conclusions we prepare a presentation of our findings and recommendations and arrange to present it to client executives.

Review Iterations

Depending on feedback from the Executive Presentation step, we will revisit any finding or recommendation for expansion or adjustment to address any concerns.

Executive Approval

Fees are settled on final executive approval of the findings and recommendations.

Depending on the nature of the accepted recommendations and executive intentions, we may offer support for implementation.

If you need to increase sales performance or improve sales and marketing effectiveness we can help. Telephone +44 (0)1392 851500. We will be pleased to learn about your needs and talk through some options. Alternatively send an email to for a prompt reply or use the contact form here.