Easy Ways to Gain Sales Skills on the Job

Actions for sales skills development. Increase knowledge and Improve methods while working on sales opportunities.

Sales Skills Development

Aligned with the Sales Skills Assessment

Sales Club members have free access to sales skills development on-the-job actions that that improve skills while increasing the chances of success with on-going sales opportunities.

Review the ten aspects of sales competence listed below and identify strengths that you want to enhance and weaknesses that you want to fix. Take the Sales Skills Assessment to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. List those you want to gain or improve and then prioritise your list to create an action plan.

Act on the plan immediately and initiate the habit of working on your abilities. This is the single greatest investment in success that you can make and the one area that is not affected by luck, circumstances, or outside events.

Expert - Develop Specialist Expertise and Standing

  • Easy ways to gain in-depth knowledge of products, services, and solutions.
  • How to increase ability to differentiate products, services, and solutions from those of other suppliers.
  • What you need to know about customers who make use of the products, services, and solutions sold.

Advocate - Develop the Skills and Habits of Advocacy

  • Quickly improve written communication skills.
  • Ways to become a star at presentations and public speaking.
  • Amplify ability to sell value.

Communicator - Develop Interpersonal Communication Skills

  • Enhance listening and mind reading skills.
  • Ask questions that expand minds and reveal secrets.
  • Improve cold reading skills.

Mentalist - Develop Non-Verbal Communication Skills

  • Create better first impressions.
  • Control nonverbal communication.
  • Gain rapport, trust, and alignment faster.

Persuader - Develop Persuasiveness

  • Have people change their mind or position on anything.
  • Obtain willing co-operation and help from anyone.
  • Persuade people to do things they do not want to do.

Door Opener - Find and Engage With More Sales Prospects

  • Always have enough sales leads and opportunities to achieve a set business target.
  • Easily initiate an authentic business conversation with new contacts.
  • Have professional contacts introduce you to key people.

Qualifier - Decline Opportunities that Won't Happen, Can't be Won, or Wouldn't be Worthwhile

  • Qualify prospects without calling them.
  • Qualify for the value that you can deliver.
  • Know your chances of winning any particular sales opportunity.

Deal Maker - Develop Influence and Ability to Make Things Happen

  • Learn to discover the customer's preferred choice.
  • Gain in ability to change the customer's preferred choice.
  • Know when to bring a sale to its natural conclusion.
  • Master negotiations.

Organiser - Improve Organisation, Efficiency and Effectiveness

  • Improve forethought, planning, and preparation.
  • Anticipate and prepare for divergence and the unexpected.
  • Increase use of proven process and frameworks.

Problem Solver - Improve Ability to Solve Problems

  • Find solutions to difficult problems.
  • Learn effective problem solving methods and techniques.
  • Predict the outcome of events and actions.

Make yourself a master practitioner of professional selling techniques and methods through sales skills development on-the-job. As a manager or coach, use our on-the-job actions as coaching tools. As an HR professional, use this resource to define the knowledge, the abilities, and the habits necessary for salespeople to succeed. Join the Sales Club for full access.

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