International Sales and the Middleman by John P Griffin

One of very few books on selling through distributors and indirect channels is International Sales and the Middle Man.

What a cracking book! There is very little authoritative material available to help those selling through distributors. 

International Sales and the Middleman explains how to overcome the challenges of selling through distributors, resellers, dealers, and sales agents.

From time to time I look for books on the subject and had failed to find anything I felt relevant until a course participant on our Accelerate Sales via Partners recommended this book. 

This is the first really useful book on the subject that I have come across. It is a slim volume of 165 pages. John Griffin has written a direct, no nonsense, and insightful guide.

If you have a need to set up an international network of distributors or resellers, this book is well worth the hour or two it takes to read. It will save you from the pitfalls and help you succeed.

Not only is it informative, John injects an element of humour and relates many experiential stories.

I found myself reaching for a highlighter and jotting notes in the margins within a few pages.

John is a regional Managing Director of an American healthcare corporation. He demonstrates great understanding and insight into the trials and tribulations of running a distributor or operating as a middleman. He writes from the first hand perspective and it is obvious that his observations, advice, and recommendations are drawn from extensive personal experience of working with overseas distributors.

If selling through partners and intermediaries is important to you, internationally or locally, get this book and study it. Even the seasoned indirect sales people among you will gain some new perspectives and ideas. I did. 

ISBN 1-85252-168-6

Review by Clive Miller

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