Sales Assessments with Optional Grading or Validation

Evaluate sales skills, knowledge, motivation, and training needs with sales assessments.

Diagram depicting aspects of competence that are evaluated in our sales assessments.

Reveal development opportunities, inspire learning, and analyse training needs.

Selling Skills and Habits

Sales Knowledge Challenge

Sales Management Practices

Receive coach feedback, work-place learning recommendations, and development tools.

Have assessment results graded or validated to drive improvement, obtain documented qualifications, or to get a second opinion.

If you need to assess a team, have us facilitate the process and provide our analysis.

Use the assessments to select the right people, reduce recruitment costs, and reduce staff turnover.

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Selling Skills

Diagram of scores for the sales skills assessment, one of six free sales assessments.

Benchmark skills and habits against ten essential aspects of competence. Complete the assessment for free feedback and development recommendations. Details or add to cart.

The assessment is aligned with over 100 hyperlinked on-the-job learning actions. The whole collection is available in the Sales Professionals Toolkit.

Sales Knowledge Challenge

It might seem strange that a general sales assessment can evaluate the knowledge necessary for a particular selling environment. It is done by listing the facts, circumstances, and types of information that should be known.

This self-assessment tool prompts users to acquire the knowledge that they recognise as missing. Details or add to cart.

Sales Management Practices

Training and coaching for managers is widely neglected. Those leading teams are mostly left to manage their own learning. 

Our sales management practices assessment provides an easily accessible guide for sales management best practice, training needs analysis, and prioritising development opportunities. Details or add to cart.

Bespoke Solutions

Since gap assessments are not dependent on psychometrics or expert analysis, they are inexpensive to construct. Gap analysis assessments provide straightforward competency based evaluation that can be validated through peer, manager, or consultant review.


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