Sales Assessments

Sales assessments, sales skills tests, and interview questions for evaluating knowledge, skills, mindset, motivation, and training needs.

Sales Assessments

In tandem with coaching, sales assessments inspire learning and train without a training course.

Used in recruitment, assessments foster consistency, help select the right people, and reduce costs.

Sales assessments provide short cut solutions for a range of specific needs. 

Knowledge Assessment

It might seem strange that a general sales assessment can evaluate the knowledge necessary for a particular selling environment. It is done by listing the facts, circumstances, and types of information that should be known. As a self-assessment tool it prompts users to acquire the knowledge that they recognise as missing.

Sales Management Skills

Training and coaching for managers is widely neglected. Those leading teams are mostly left to manage their own learning. A sales management skills assessment provides an easily accessible guide for identifying and prioritising learning gaps. 

Selling Skills

More than just skills, this gap assessment provides a check list for ten essential aspects of competence. On-the-job actions for learning and development are available to Sales Club members and presented in the Sales Professionals Toolkit. The assessment is available here.

Selling Mindset

What are the right attitudes for maximising success? This might be thought of as subjective in that there is no one right mindset. Yet there are important attitudes. A selling mindset assessment provokes thinking about the attitudes harboured and nurtured. It can reveal opportunities. Changing how you think about what you do, changes what you do.

Work Motivators

This assessment is about intrinsic motivators. These are the feelings that drive your actions in the absense of external motivators like money. Understanding intrinsic motivators helps people find their most motivating niche.

Sales Prospecting

In the past this might have been referred to as inside sales, telephone selling, or telesales. These days the term 'sales prospecting' better embraces the online and social skills that help salespeople call the right people at the right time.

Customer Service Skills

Some large proportion of the people who contribute to the success of a business are not considered salespeople. They do not carry a target yet the quality of their customer interactions have a major impact on customer retention, repeat business, and referrals.

Presentation Skills

It probably seems odd to use an assessment to improve presentation skills yet the effectiveness of presentations is almost entirely marked by what is done before someone stands up to speak in public. Forethought, planning, and preparation are vital and so examining what you do to get ready reveals easy improvement opportunities.

Negotiation Skills

Once you get into a negotiation, the opportunity to prepare is gone. You have to rely of what you have learned. This assessment provides a best practice negotiation preparation guide and it takes a lot less time than attending a course or reading a book.

Persuasion Quotient

How persuasive are you? Being persuasive is much less of an art than a science these days. You can assess your persuasiveness based on what you do to persuade. 

Sales Aptitude

Compare your answers with those given by the majority of top performers.

Bespoke Solutions

Since gap assessments are not dependent on psychometrics or expert analysis, they are inexpensive to construct. Gap analysis assessments provide straightforward competency based evaluation that can be validated through peer, manager, or consultant review.

Bespoke Sales Assessments

Applications for Sales Assessments

Professional Competence

Who is responsible for sales competence? Most people answer, "I am". The assessments help address the supplementary questions, "How do you know if you are professionally competent?" and, "What can be done to attain, develop, or maintain competence?"

Guidance for Individual Development

Assessment tools identify and quantify opportunities for individual development. Feedback provides a sound base for participants prioritise a development plan that will lead to increased competence, rising performance, and personal growth.

Low Cost or No Cost Learning

Learning comes from looking up the answers. Solutions are easy to find on the internet. The SalesSense sales skills assessment is aligned with and linked to over 250 on-the-job actions that aid learning while advancing selling efforts. Learning is self-led rather than externally driven training or coaching. Users can steer their development based on evidence instead of unstructured perception and opinion.

Standing out in a Selection Process

Assessment completion provides evidence of initiative and demonstrates a positive and proactive attitude to learning and development. The feedback provides a practical and efficient platform for answering the question, "Why are you suited for this job?".

Assessment feedback helps present a compelling picture of strengths and abilities. It helps explain exactly what a person is good at and leaves interviewers in no doubt of the candidate's competence. People who put themselves through assessments have the edge on those who don't.

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